My Darling Rogue by April Moran


My Darling Rogue is my first April Moran book.  All I can say is wow!  I can’t believe I’ve overlooked this author until now!  This novel was everything I was looking for in a steamy, sexy, poignant read.

Gabriel, what a leading man!  Gabriel is all dark, mysterious, and dangerous; he is also super sexy!  However, with these qualities, he also exudes a quiet power and fierce protectiveness over those he holds close.  Gabriel has been raised as an illegitimate son of the aristocracy.  Gabriel is mind, soul, and body obsessed with Celia, the one woman who he thinks is unattainable.  Then circumstances change.

Celia has her pick of suitors yet is held back by a traumatic secret.  Celia is a flirt; she steals kisses and flits from suitor to suitor, never serious.  She cannot commit to any of them due to her dark secret and even more so because none of them steals her breath – until Gabriel.  Celia is overwhelmed by Gabriel.  Gabriel’s dark sensuality calls to Celia, frightening and exciting her.

The sensual dynamic between Gabriel and Celia is all-encompassing; their undeniable connection demands everything from them.  I love how Celia gives herself fully to Gabriel trusting him completely.  I loved how Gabriel is both master and protector over Celia.  The passion between Gabriel and Celia is electric; steamy doesn’t even come close to describing it.  However, these heart-stopping scenes are done exquisitely, drawing the reader in and giving them a glimpse of unbridled passion.

My Darling Rogue is the first book in the Wicked Rogues series.  I am immediately going back and reading The Taming series by this author.  I loved how all the many elements of this book fell into place perfectly.  Gabriel and Celia go through a lot of turmoil, yet even during the emotional moments, you can still feel the lightning connection.  Reading this was pure joy.  I was blown away by this book.  This book grabs your attention and relentlessly doesn’t let go!  The themes, writing, and unapologetic sensuality made this a wickedly addictive treat!  April Moran, where have you been?  I could not put down this book, and I can’t wait for the next in this series!  I one hundred percent recommend this book to those who love wickedly sensual, poetically romantic books.  This is a must-read; you won’t want it to end!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: August 15, 2022

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