Heartbreaker by Sarah MacLean


I am always thrilled to read Sarah MacLean’s books, and Heartbreaker is the most romantic book I have read from her so far.  The way Henry and Adelaide’s relationship unfolds is romantic perfection.  Henry is a duke with a flawless reputation.  Adelaide is a thief raised with criminals.  She now poses as a wallflower in ballrooms, secretly exposing the aristocracy’s dirty secrets and saving debutantes from horrible marriages.  Henry and Adelaide slowly learn to trust each other with their darkest, deepest secrets.  They find themselves racing to a wedding and opening their hearts slowly along the way.

Henry and Adelaide’s connection is instantaneous and ignites the page.  What I loved most was as the plot developed, Henry became more and more open with his feelings.  Henry was much more demonstrative with his burgeoning feelings toward Adelaide.  Henry’s personality stole my heart.  Adelaide is a fantastic character.  She was raised in poverty and crime and is reborn into a breathtaking, fierce warrior for justice for those that usually escaped punishment.  Henry and Adelaide are lonely and always emotionally closed off until they meet their match.  The couple’s sensual connection was addictive and delicious to read!

The plot kept me fascinated by the amazing dialogue, characters, and love story.  The secondary characters were integral to the plot and enriched it.  Heartbreaker is the second book in the Hell’s Belles series.  Sarah MacLean has outdone herself in writing a poetic, heart-pounding, fiery romance that enchanted me and stole my heart.   Read the Hell’s Belles series; I guarantee Heartbreaker will play havoc with your emotions. By the end, you’ll be smiling.  Thank you, Sarah MacLean, for writing such a gorgeous, engaging romance that I never wanted to end!  I wait impatiently for Thomas and Lady Imogen’s story!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Release Date: August 23, 2022

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