Tempted By The English Marquis by Sasha Cottman


Tempted By The English Marquis is a vividly engaging, romantic story in stunning Rome.  Rome is brought to life; I felt I was there.  Gideon Kembal, Marquis of Holwell, is in Rome with the task of bringing his wayward mother and sister back to England to help repair the devastation and scandal Gideon’s mother has subjected her family.  Serafina is part of the powerful de Luca family; her future is sealed; she is to marry a stranger for her father’s political gain.  These star-crossed lovers have to fight impossible odds to find happiness.

I enjoyed how Gideon handled the situation with his mother.  Although enraged with her, Gideon is thoughtful and respectful of this woman who has single-handedly ruined her family.  Gideon is a good son and friend.  Serafina has dreams of marrying for love; however, she is a pawn for her father’s political ambitions.  Serafina has a strained relationship with her mother as well.  I loved how Gideon and Serafina learn more about their mothers and how the parent-child dynamic changes and evolves throughout the novel.  I loved how the couple’s romance grew against the backdrop of Rome.  The passionate connection between Gideon and Serafina slowly burns into something undeniable and inescapable.

I recently visited Rome, and I felt like I saw these sites again.  Sasha Cottman did a fantastic job describing Rome and making the reader feel like they were there.  The Castel Sant’Angelo is the first sight Gideon sees.  In Gideon’s time, it was a prison.  When I was there this spring, it was a museum with a café on top overlooking the city.  I was transported back to my visit to this wondrous city.  Extensive research was done, and the result was a realistic and visually beautiful description—the romance and backdrop combined to create a seamless, fascinating, passionate affair.  There were a few times when I felt the plot’s pace could have been increased; however that did not detract from the story.  The storyline kept my attention and was a visual masterpiece.

Tempted By The English Marquis is the eleventh book in the Duke Of Strathmore series.  Sasha Cottman has created an aesthetically stunning, forbidden romance full of intrigue, danger, and passion and has a happily-ever-after that wraps the romance up perfectly.  This is another outstanding book in this memorable series.  I recommend reading the series; they are unique journeys full of intensity and passion.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: October 11, 2022

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