Naughty Or Nice by Bree Wolf, Sydney Jane Baily, Tracy Sumner, Fenna Edgewood, Charlie Lane, Jennifer Monroe, and Meredith Bond

Naughty Or Nice



The Naughty Or Nice anthology has something for every romance reader.  From sweet to steamy, each novella is full of vivacious characters, intriguing plots, and beautiful Christmas backdrops.  Some of these novellas are a part of a series, and some are the beginnings of new series.  I have read all the series represented in these novellas; those series are:  The Whickertons In Love by Bree Wolf, Diamonds Of The First Water by Sydney Jane Baily, The Duchess Society by Tracy Sumner, The Debutante Dares by Charlie Lane, and The Sisterhood Of Secrets by Jennifer Monroe.  It isn’t necessary to have read these series to enjoy the novellas in this anthology.  However, as a reader of each series, I was thrilled to see old characters get their backstories and meet new side characters.  The novellas by Fenna Edgewood and Meredith Bond are new series, which I cannot wait to read!  It isn’t easy to pick a favorite story, so I’ll pick a favorite character.  I fell in love with Grandmother Edie in The Whickertons In Love in the first book!  Reading her origin story was so much fun!  The Naughty Or Nice Anthology was full of sparkle!  Don’t miss this entertaining, effervescent, charming anthology! 

Once Upon An Aggravatingly Heroic Kiss

Bree Wolf


Finally!  We get Grandmother Edie’s love story!  Edie has been a behind-the-scenes matchmaker for her grandchildren throughout The Whickertons In Love series.  I loved reading about young Edie playing matchmaker to her best friend.  She flawlessly maneuvers people to find their perfect match.  While seeing matches for her friends, Edie captures attention of Jasper.  A spark between Jasper and Edie transforms into love very quickly.  I love how Jasper supports and enjoys Edie’s exploits.  Jasper is supportive and hopelessly in love with Edie.  I love how Edie puts everyone first, but by doing this, she captures Jasper’s attention.  The ending is fantastic.  The background of a house party was such a lovely way to showcase Edie’s happily ever after.  I have wanted Jasper and Edie’s love story, and Bree Wolf does a fantastic job of breathing life into this romance that is fun to read and will have you believing anything is possible at Christmas!

Flames:  0 – This is a sweet romance

Tropes:  house party, love at first sight, matchmaking, Regency era romance

A Diamond For Christmas

Sydney Jane Baily


This is Lord Geoffrey Diamond and Lady Caroline Chimes’ star-crossed love story.  In this novella, we see how the Diamond’s sibling’s parents met and fell in love.  A Diamond For Christmas is a prequel to The Diamonds Of The First Water series.  This is an excellent jumping-off point to begin a terrific series.  I loved the Romeo and Juliet vibe.  Geoffrey and Caroline’s parents were highly entertaining; their bickering towards the end was funny.  I liked how there was instant chemistry between Geoffrey and Caroline; however, they allow their feelings to develop naturally even though seeing each other is difficult.  A Diamond For Christmas is an entertaining, romantic, easy-to-read treat of a romance!

Flames: 1

Tropes:  disapproving parents, Regency era romance, star-crossed lovers, friends to lovers

The Governess Gamble

Tracy Sumner


Reading The Governess Gamble is a lovely way to spend an afternoon!  This is a side story to The Duchess Society series.  I have read this series, and Chance and Franny’s romance was a sensual holiday treat!  Franny is an American Heiress, and Chance is an impoverished viscount.  I love an American heiress, and Franny is exceptional in this role.  Chance and Franny’s romance is full of surprises, sensual tension, and passion.  Add in an adorable ward, and you get a gorgeous holiday romance!  

Flames: 1

Tropes:  American Heiress, child intricate to plot, class difference, forced proximity, governess, imposter, impoverished nobleman, mistaken identity, Regency era romance

The Countess’s Christmas Groom

Fenna Edgewood


This is my favorite class difference novella!  Ash and Katherine burn up the page in this heart-warming, passionate love story.  Kat and her son, Oliver, were cruelly abused by her deceased husband.  Ash is the stable master who catches Kat’s attention after a prank goes wrong.  Ash and Katherine’s chemistry is off-the-charts.  Oliver, Kat’s son, is so sweet!  Watching Oliver gain confidence was enchanting to read.  I loved how Kat learned to trust and love again.  Overall this is a well-written, steamy holiday novella with vibrant, lovable characters.  Ash and Kat’s romance stole my heart!  I loved it!

Flames: 1

Tropes:  abuse from the previous spouse, age gap, child intricate to plot, class difference, house party, Regency era romance, widow

A Very Daring Christmas

Charlie Lane


The Debutante Dares is another series I have read.  I enjoy this series, but I have a love/hate relationship with the grandmother.  She causes nothing but strife and pain.  I did like the ending where we saw a softer side of the dowager grandmother.  I loved the forbidden love between Bram and Pippa.  I felt some scenes could have been shortened; however, I still thought this was a fantastic read.  Bram and Pippa were two characters whose story I could completely invest in.  A Very Daring Christmas is an excellent addition to the series.  It is also a perfect stand-alone novella for a cold winter night!
Flames: 1

Tropes: class difference, contrary grandmother, forbidden love, Regency era romance

Gentleman Of Christmas Past

Jennifer Monroe


I have been obsessed with Mrs. Agnes Rutley since the first book of The Sisterhood Of Secrets.  We learn more about Agnes’s past and her enchanting romance with Phillip.  Other characters from previous books also make an appearance.  These appearances cleared up some questions.  Phillip and Agnes’ courtship was sweetly romantic.  I loved Agnes’ character and was enchanted by her prequel.  Many answers came from Agnes’ story, yet, more questions were created.  The mysterious Agnes Rutley is genuinely a vivid, enigmatic character.  Phillip was her perfect match.  I thought this novella breathed even more life into Agnes and made her an even brighter star of a character.  Phillip and Agnes’ Christmas story is full of miracles and love!

Flames:  0 – This is a sweet romance

Tropes:  working class, friends to lovers, redemption story

Christmas Intrigue

Meredith Bond


Christmas Intrigue!  What a way to end an anthology!  Full of wit, sparkle, and romance, Christmas Intrigue captured my heart! Prudence attracts trouble wherever she goes.  Alexander is at this house party to negotiate for his country and his brother, the prince.  Alexander and Prudence meet at the house party, and sparks fly.  Both Alexander and Prudence are fun, vivid characters.  Poor Prudence!  She is always getting into trouble when she is only trying to help.  Alexander is serious and disciplined, and Prudence gives him joy and light.  As Alexander and Prudence get to know one another, camaraderie builds to lead to something more.  Prudence’s relationship with her parents was fun to read too.  This is the beginning of a new series, and I am excited to see where we go from here!

Flames:  0 – This is a sweet romance

Tropes:  disapproving parents, Georgian era romance, house party, opposites attract, royalty

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: October 18, 2022

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