Lady Briar Weds The Scot by Fenna Edgewood


The Blakeley Manor series is the first series I have read of Fenna Edgewood’s, and I am extremely impressed!  Lady Briar Weds The Scot is a lush journey filled with danger, intrigue, adventure, and passion.  Wren and Briar’s romance is unforgettable!  

Wren has taken up a quiet life as a gardener at Briar’s manor house.  Briar is instantly intrigued by Wren.  After a kidnapping, Wren is forced back home to responsibilities in Scotland and Briar is abducted as well.  When Briar is faced with ruination, she must take the plunge and marry Wren, hoping her burgeoning feelings are mutual.

Wren is a great character.  I loved his loyalty and strength.  Wren has been hurt before and hides his heart, yet Briar breaks down all those walls.  It was wonderful seeing Wren come into his own.  Briar also grows exponentially throughout this journey.  I loved Briar’s fierceness.  There are fireworks when Wren and Briar are together.  The two share a robust, passionate connection that seared the page.

The plot was captivating, and it moved rapidly.  This was a page-turning adventure that, at times, was breathtaking with its danger and sadness.  Yet the burgeoning love between Wren and Briar kept the storyline intriguing and heart-warming.  Lady Briar Weds The Scot is the first book in the Blakeley Manor series.  However, Briar’s older sister’s story is told in a novella in the anthology Naughty Or Nice.  That was an excellent story too.  Fenna Edgewood has created characters I fell in love with and wrote a romance that stole my heart.  I cannot wait for the next book!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: November 3, 2022

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