The Scoundrel Seeks A Wife by Jemma Frost


Jemma Frost has created magic with her Garden Girls series, and The Scoundrel Seeks A Wife is a pure gold!  Clarke and Iris’ romance is my favorite of the series!

Iris Taylor finds her biological father and agrees to marry a stranger to settle his gambling debts.  Clarke Calloway jumps at the opportunity to marry a lady even if she is illegitimate.  What begins as a business transaction slowly builds into an enchanting love story.

Clarke is everything I needed in a leading man!  Brought up in humble beginnings, Clarke has emerged wealthy and prosperous.  Clarke is terrified of hurting his delicate, ethereal wife.  He sees Iris as fragile.  I love when Clarke calls Iris his “sprite.”  Iris might be tiny, but she is mighty!  Iris has such a kind, loving spirit.  Her handling of her gambling-addicted father shows such grace, yet she still had the backbone to deal with a man who wouldn’t or couldn’t change his heart.  Iris was a sweet, kind, gentle person that was also as fierce as a giant.

Clarke is scared of physically hurting Iris, and their sensual journey is slow yet sears the page when the two confront and resolve the issue.  The sweet yet sensually passionate way these strangers turned friends turned lovers evolved is perfection to read!  Clarke and Iris’ love story is one I won’t soon forget.

The storyline flowed perfectly and moved swiftly.  It was a page-turner.  The dialogue between the characters felt organic, and their burgeoning relationship grew naturally.  The Scoundrel Seeks A Wife is the third book in The Garden Girls series.  Each of these incredibly unique romances is well worth your time.  However, Clark and Iris stole my breath and grabbed my heart.  The two epilogues were a perfect ending, concluding the story realistically and romantically.  Jemma Frost, I am so happy I found your incredibly passionate books!  I highly recommend this entire series for any romantic at heart.  This is romance excellence at its very best!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: November 3, 2022

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