A Dangerous Little Scandal by Tabetha Waite


A Dangerous Little Scandal is the third book in the Sensual Scandals series by Tabetha Waite.  Isadora Bevelstroke is the eldest sister and is the only unmarried one.  Isadora loves her independence and is slowly winning her way into a men-dominated business.  Isadora can seem aloof and cold, yet deep inside; a young girl is harboring misinterpreted feelings and tragic heartbreak.  Isadora has shut herself off emotionally but realizes she is lonely.   Remington Fletcher, the Marquess of Osgood, has been besotted with the elusive Isadora from their first encounter.  Remington falls hard and fast for Isadora.  Isadora throws up emotional walls left and right, yet Remington will not give up trying to win the affection of this intelligent, beautiful, heartbroken woman.    

If the word “swoon” ever came to mind, it would be in deference to Remington!  He is handsome, kind, and intelligent.  Remington has endless patience with Isadora; his love is without condition, and he never gives up hope.  I got upset with Isadora a few times concerning how she treated  Remington.  However, her young heartbreak resonated with me, and I felt I understood her on an elemental level.

Remington and Isadora’s journey is a bumpy one that requires all of Remington’s patience, but in the end, this is an elegant, beautiful romance.  This is a medium-paced plot.  The plot moved well, there was a lot to Isadora’s past trauma, but it was handled organically, developing naturally.  I enjoyed A Dangerous Little Scandal mainly because of Remington’s infinite love and kindness.  Tabetha Waite has beautifully written two characters who stole my breath.  This sweetly passionate romance moved me emotionally; both for Isadora’s heartbreak and for Remington’s unconditional love.  This was an excellent series and this book was a beautiful way to conclude.  I encourage you to embark on the journey of the Bevelstroke sisters!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Book Sirens.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Release Date: December 21, 2022

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