The Marriage List by Ella Quinn


The Marriage List is the first book in The Worthington Brides series by Ella Quinn.  Lady Eleanor Carpenter is part of the large Worthington family.  This is Eleanor’s first season, and she and her sisters have compiled a list of attributes for their husband candidates.  John, the Marquis of Montagu, has his list of what he thinks he wants in a bride.  When John and Eleanor meet, his list is tossed aside by Eleanor’s sparkling intelligence and beauty.  John has to prove to Eleanor he meets her requirements if he hopes to make her his bride.

This book relates to the previous series, The Marriage Game, The Worthingtons, and The Lords Of London.  Characters from the previous series feature prominently in this book.  There is an immense amount of time spent on secondary characters.  I have read many books in the previous series, and I was still lost in the sea of names at times.  I felt at times that John and Eleanor’s romance took second place to the other characters.  Also, there was a villain who was generic and one-dimensional.  It felt as though he was an afterthought until the conclusion.

I did enjoy John and Eleanor’s personalities.  John seemed lost.  I felt sorry for him; he had no idea what he wanted in a wife.  Eleanor was quite mature for her age and had a good head on her shoulders.  The sections centered on the romance between John and Eleanor were entertaining and kept my interest.  This was a slow to medium-paced book.  I am a fan of Ella Quinn and have enjoyed many of her books.  I feel this novel lacked the sparkle of the older books.  I liked this book and will read more in the series because I enjoy this author.  There are promising characters and hinted storylines in this book that excited me about the forthcoming books in this series.  I hope the next book will shine as I know it can.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: December 27, 2022

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