Nell And The Runaway Duke by Sofie Darling


Nell And The Runaway Duke by Sofie Darling is a novella in the Shadows And Silk series.  Miss Nell Tait is a seamstress to the aristocracy.  Lucas Kendall, the Duke of Amherst, is a different kind of duke; Lucas is looking for a bride that wants the man, not the title.  In a fated meeting, Lucas and Nell find an instant connection.  Lucas decides to hide the fact that he is a duke from Nell.  It’s love at first sight, yet Lucas must find a way to Nell’s heart after discovering his lies.

Lucas and Nell were down-to-earth, relatable characters.  Lucas wants to be seen as a man, not the duke.  He has searched for a suitable bride and has been disappointed.  Lucas lies to Nell, yet I couldn’t fault him; he knew lying was the only chance he’d have at getting to know Nell.  I love that Lucas had no pretense; he was grounded and kind.

Nell has scraped to a good life as a seamstress at a famous dressmaker in London.  Nell has a heartbreaking tragedy in her past.  Nell knows not to trust men, yet Lucas disarms her.  I loved Nell’s determination and drive.  Nell is an independent woman who is lonely and has a huge heart.

It is an instant connection when Lucas and Nell meet.  I loved the friendly yet sensual dynamic the couple has.  Lucas and Nell were perfect together.  They made a couple that I cheered for their happily ever after.

This is an easy-to-read, sparkling jewel of romance!  My attention was caught on page one, and the plot captivated me.  It is a quick read; I finished it in a couple of hours.  Lucas and Nell’s romance was a joy to see unfold.  Sofie Darling created a love story that is eye-catching, unique, and endearing.  Nell And The Runaway Duke pulled at my heart and made me smile!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through BookSprout.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: December 27, 2022

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