Kiss Me, My Duke by Fenna Edgewood


Kiss Me, My Duke is the second book in The Blakeley Manor series by Fenna Edgewood.  There is also a prequel in this series.  The Blakeley Manor series has been excellent, and Kiss Me, My Duke exceeded all my expectations!  Dare and Laurel’s unique romantic journey captured my heart!  Captivating and unpredictable, this story kept me guessing and turning the page.

Dare is desperate to find his kidnapped sister.  Laurel, Dare’s housekeeper is just as invested as her brother was kidnapped.  Dare, being a duke, is frustrated that he can’t find any leads.  Upsetting him further is Laurel finding connections with possible information where Dare couldn’t.  The two are thrown together to find their kidnapped siblings.  They never expect to find passion and love.

Dare was a fun character.  He is stuffy and entitled, as most dukes are, but he also has a kind, sensitive side, as shown in his interactions with young Cassie.  Dare has a big heart and a subtly charming nobility.  Laurel is so much more than she seems. Beautiful, intelligent, and talented, Laurel lit up the page whenever she was in a scene.  Dare and Laurel fight their attraction, but it is inevitable that the two fall hard for each other.  I love the hidden depths both Dare and Laurel have.  The fiery connection between Dare and Laurel is built throughout the novel and culminates into an explosive passion.

The plot was entertaining; it had a lot of surprising twists and turns.  The character development felt intimate and personal.  The story had a good, medium pace, and the writing style caught my attention and didn’t let go.  The secondary characters and storylines added an extra dimension to the story.  Kiss Me, My Duke was an extraordinary addition to this magnificent series.  I love the Blakeley siblings and their unconventional thinking.  Each of these romances pulled at my heartstrings, and I finished the books wanting more!  These are characters I’d like to meet!  They are kind, giving, open-minded characters, and I could relate to them.  Fenna Edgewood has created a favorite series of mine, and Kiss Me, My Duke grabbed my attention and enchanted me on page one – I didn’t want this effervescent romance to end!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Wolf publishing.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: December 29, 2022

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