A Bet With A Baron by Tammy Andresen


A Bet With A Baron is the first book in the Lords Of Temptation series by Tammy Andresen.  This book was an excellent way to open a new series.  A Bet With A Baron is the first of a spin-off of Lords Of Scandal.  We meet the Smith family, who own a gaming den.  Mirabelle Smith is the illegitimate daughter of an earl, and now she has the title of lady.  Mirabelle will do anything to be accepted into society; she does this to help bolster her family.  Ken, Baron Boxby has had family responsibilities his entire life.  With his sister married, he can debauch and be a rake.  Mirabelle sees Ken as an opportunity to help her fit in.  Ken wants no entanglements, yet he is drawn to Mirabelle.

I enjoyed Mirabelle’s character.  She wants to succeed in society but not for her gain.  Everything she does is for her family.  Mirabelle has always felt not good enough, influencing her entire life.  I love how Mirabelle comes into her own with Ken’s assistance.  

I liked how Ken was not a rake or rogue, even when he tried to be!  Ken has been responsible all his life.  Finally free, Ken wants to gamble, drink, and carouse his way through Europe.  I loved how Ken stayed true to himself.  Ken has a compassionate, caring nature.  How Ken handles Mirabelle’s insecurities is sweet and heart-warming.

Ken and Mirabelle slowly develop feelings over a bet.  The couple’s journey was sweetly passionate.  I loved how Ken respected and admired Mirabelle, given her background.  The couple’s emotional connection was spellbinding and fun to watch develop.

The plot focuses on character development wonderfully.  I related to and cared for the characters.  I liked the introduction to the wild Smith brothers – I can’t wait for their stories!  Tammy Andresen is an expert at writing about gaming dens and rowdy siblings!  I love the edgy feel and sensual romance of A Bet With A Baron.  This is going to be another spectacular series – I can feel it!  I am eagerly awaiting the Smith brother’s stories!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 10, 2023

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