Sutton’s Secrets by Scarlett Scott


Sutton’s Secrets is the seventh and final book in The Sinful Suttons by Scarlett Scott.  This book has caused me to do three things I have never done.  One, I wish I had ten stars to give this book!  Two, I am at a loss for words to describe this book, so I’ll say it is unputdownable! Finally, I rarely cry in a book, usually for angsty or sad moments; I cried in this book for the poignant, breathtaking moments of sensual and emotional connection between the couple.    Logan Sutton has left his family and is now a spy for a covert agency under the crown.  Lady Arianna Stewart gets pulled into Logan’s investigation unwillingly.  The plot grabbed me on page one. 

Oh, Logan….where do I begin with you?  He is my new book boyfriend!  Logan has given up all he holds dear to do something meaningful.  Logan is selfless and intense and has a profoundly poetic soul under the gruffness and hardship of his upbringing.  I want someone to say to me the things Logan says to Arianna!  My heart melted for Logan!

Lady Arianna Stewart is both similar and different to Logan.  Arianna has suffered heartache and danger while she selflessly holds her self-absorbed family together.  Arianna’s fierce protection of her underserving family was heart-wrenching.  Arianna went above and beyond.  I loved Arianna’s iron will and determination.

This is the most romantic book in the series.  I loved the couple’s instant connection at their first meeting; they were two halves of the same whole.  What made this book shine so brightly was how romantic and emotional the sensual, steamy scenes were.  The game of telling a secret no one knows had me swooning!  Logan’s all-out protection of Ariana was as striking as his passion for her.  The couple had untold depths of physical attraction, but it was the more profound, protective yearning that was written so beautifully that catapulted this book into being romance excellence.  The quiet, in-between moments the couple shared were as captivating as their undeniable sensual connection.

I am a hardcore, avid fan of the Sutton family!  I love gaming hells, and these sibling owners are my all-time favorite – and I’ve read a lot of gaming hell owners!  This storyline was sublimely enchanting.  Its equal parts stole my breath and made me smile. The unconditional love the couple share is pure, organic, and raw.  Oh!  And the epilogue!  Perfection!  I felt I was part of the Sutton family!  Scarlett Scott has written a stunning, eye-catching conclusion to a phenomenal series, and I can’t wait for what is next!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 12, 2023

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