One Wedding And An Earl by Tracy Sumner


One Wedding And An Earl is the fourth book in The Duchess Society series by Tracy Sumner.  I have been eager for Oliver and Necessity’s story since they were introduced in The Wicked Wallflower.  Oliver began to steal my heart in that book and completely ran away with it in this book!  Necessity and Oliver are like daylight and dark.  After a meeting neither forgot, Oliver and Necessity meet again years later at Oliver’s estate.  Necessity is hired by Oliver’s brother to bring the neglected landscape back to life.

The couple’s connection from the first meeting is raw, elemental, and unstoppable.  Oliver and Necessity reminded me of magnets, pushing away and pulling together repeatedly.  The couple’s love affair is as destructive as a wildfire and as perfect as the stars Oliver loves to study.  Oliver and Necessity’s romantic journey entranced me.  Reading this was like watching a live wire, unpredictable, dangerous, and mesmerizing.

The first twenty-five percent of the book is very much a slow burn.  The character development was amazing throughout the first part.  The story picks up momentum throughout, and the storyline caught my attention and didn’t let go.  I loved the “Leighton Cluster,” the circle of friends and family supporting Oliver and Necessity.  The brotherhood and camaraderie displayed between the male members of the “circle” was so much fun to read.

I absolutely love every book in this fantastic series.  Tracy Sumner is an instant read for me!  The Duchess Society is an emotional, passionate, wild ride and One Wedding And An Earl exceeded all this reader’s expectations!  Oliver and Necessity stole a piece of my heart and didn’t let go!  I one hundred percent recommend this entire series!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Wolf Publishing.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 19, 2023

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