Recovery Road by Christine Feehan


Recovery Road is the eighth book in the Torpedo Ink series by Christine Feehan.  When I open any book of Christine Feehan’s, I will get a fantastic read with quality writing and an exquisite romance.  Kir “Master” Vasiliev is the club’s “go-to guy” when they need an assassin in prison.  Kir feels disposable and that the club would go on well without him.  Ambrielle Moore is a brilliant investment banker.  When Ambrielle’s family is murdered in front of her, she vows revenge.  Kir is conveniently dropped into her path.  What starts as a transactional relationship develops into something much, much more.

Kir is a tragic character; my heart ached for him.  His soul is in tatters, and the emptiness is weighing him down.  He finds purpose in becoming Ambrie’s defender.  However, Kir begins to feel emotions he thought he was incapable of feeling for Ambrie.  Ambrie is Kir’s light in all the darkness.  Kir is sexy and dangerous, yet he finds he is so much more with Ambrie’s assistance.

Ambrie’s entire world gets turned upside down.  Ambrie is independent and resilient.  I loved how Ambrie became dependent on Kir, but it never felt like she was weak. Instead it shown a spotlight on the bond Kir and Ambrie forged.  I instantly liked Ambrie due to how she saw and treated Kir.

The couple had an off-the-charts, raw, sensual connection.  Kir and Ambrie were perfect for each other; their personalities blended seamlessly.  Their physical contact was gut-wrenching and elementally raw.  There was not much tenderness at the beginning of the relationship, but it was steamy, sexy, and unforgettable.

Recovery Road tells the story of a morally bankrupt man with nothing to lose that finds a shining light in Ambrie.  This has a fast-paced plot that combines romance and action flawlessly.  I was riveted to the page.  Christine Feehan is the queen of paranormal romance.  I devour every book she writes.  If you are a fan of Torpedo Ink, don’t miss this visceral, thrilling, sensual read!  If you are new to Christine Feehan, now is the time to meet the tattered souls of Torpedo Ink!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 24, 2023

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