One Duke Down by Anna Bennett


One Duke Down is the second book in the Rogues To Lovers series by Anna Bennett.  I enjoyed the first book in this series; however, I felt there was room for growth.  I am delighted that this book was everything I wanted.  I instantly became attracted to the colorful characters and eye-catching storyline.  I felt this book developed seamlessly and shone brightly.

Poppy Summers is a fisherman’s daughter and is determined to keep her ailing father’s business afloat.  Poppy is aggravated when a strange man washes up on her beach.  Andrew Keane, the Duke of Hawking, is having a devil of a time convincing Poppy he’s a duke while also trying to discover who wants him dead.

Poppy was a fun, exciting character.  I loved her close relationship with her father.  Poppy guarded her heart, and I empathized with her regarding her experience with nobility.  I loved how Poppy could look past her previous encounters and find goodness in Andrew.

Andrew was a different kind of duke, and I enjoyed that fact.  Andrew wasn’t as stiff and stodgy as most dukes, and he had a heart of gold.  He knew he wanted Poppy’s heart early on, and I like how hard he fought for Poppy.

The couple’s romantic journey was sublime.  There were many understated, sweet moments combined with unbelievably sensual ones.  The romance had a poetic feel, the passionate connection subtle but definitely there.  I loved Andrew and Poppy together. They were perfect for each other.

The plot was unique in that the obstacles to the romance were resolved well before the story’s conclusion.  However, there was so much character growth and incredible writing that I tremendously enjoyed the book’s final quarter.  Some readers like the inner conflict to last the entirety of the book, and I respect that.  However, I felt the author used this unique twist to explore the bond between Andrew and Poppy.

The characters, storyline, and backdrop had me interested and invested throughout the book.  Anna Bennett has created a powerhouse of a second book.  Andrew and Poppy’s journey was heartwarming, passionate, and unexpected, and I love the unexpected!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 24, 2023

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