A Matter Of Convenience by Lana Williams


A Matter Of Convenience is the first book in the new Mayfair Literary League series by Lana Williams.  What a way to start a series!  I loved the premise.  A group of friends who are part of a book club decides to take marital issues into their hands.  This is Lady Phoebe and the Earl of Bolton’s story.

I loved everything about Phoebe!  Her tenacity and courage to get what she wanted were heartwarming.  How she handles disappointment with no regrets is inspiring.  Phoebe grabs an opportunity for happiness no matter the outcome.  I admired Phoebe’s spirit.

Anthony, the Earl of Bolton, unexpectedly discovers there is much more to Phoebe than being his sister’s friend.  Throughout the book, Anthony’s eyes are opened to what a unique, loving woman Phoebe is.  Anthony’s journey of falling in love was a joy to read.

In the beginning, the love is unrequited, yet every second Anthony spends with Phoebe opens his heart more.  I loved how Anthony was holding out for a love match.  That is unique in these kinds of books; often, the hero is looking for a marriage of convenience; I found this difference refreshing.

This was an eye-catching, enjoyable read.  I love the premise of the series, and I thought this was a solid beginning.  I can’t wait to read about the romantic journeys of Phoebe’s friends.  Lana Williams has created memorable, lovable characters and an enchanting romance I didn’t want to end!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 26, 2023

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