A Romp With A Rogue by Tammy Andresen


A Romp With A Rogue is the second book in the Lords Of Temptation series by Tammy Andresen.  It is a spinoff of the excellent Lords Of Scandal series.  I was a super fan of the Lords Of Scandal; however, the Smith siblings have stolen my heart!  Rush and Abby’s romance shines even brighter than its predecessors.  Rush and Abby are opposites in social standing yet similar in their personal lives.  This unlikely couple finds a passionate bond together under dire circumstances.  Rush must find a way to be Abby’s protector without denying himself happiness. 

Rush has given up his dreams to assist his siblings.  I loved Rush’s integrity, honor, and intelligence.  Rush instantly puts Abby’s needs first when he meets her.  Rush, although fierce, is everything Abby needs.  Abby has been abused by her cousin and sees no way out until Rush suddenly appears.  Abby has a quiet, subtle strength that I was instantly drawn to.

 Rush and Abby have intense chemistry.  Trust comes slowly after their electric connection.  The sweetly romantic way Rush treats Abby is endearing.  The couple has a passionate, fiery longing that grows into an inferno.

A Romp With A Rogue is a fast-paced page-turner.  The characters were instantly lovable, and the storyline captured me.  I liked how previous characters turn up, but it is Rush and his siblings that make these stories stand out.  Tammy Andresen can create characters I deeply care about within a story that captures and keeps my attention.  Rush and Abby’s romance is utterly enchanting!  These Lords Of Temptation have stolen my heart!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: February 14, 2023

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