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The Matchmaker’s Royal Mess
by Frieda J. Downing
Publication date: November 25th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


She’d rather give a mountain lion a bikini wax than mess with love again.

Been there, went viral, never going back. Hattie Montague’s life as a backcountry guide for the spoiled and famous suits her just fine, thanks. It’s the only place she feels completely safe being herself. So what if she has nightmares that she can only speak squirrel and craves pine cones for breakfast? It beats leaving yourself vulnerable to humans. Fine, all of them aren’t bad. She likes probably three, so when one needs her help, she drags herself back to civilization. If she can navigate white water rapids, she can babysit a matchmaking office for a weekend. It’s not like she’ll have to deal with people or, you know, be nice. Ew.

Alexander Greye ruined her life ten years ago. Not his proudest moment. Known as the Winter Warlocke, he’s a man born and raised to lead a country with logical precision. Yet around her, he can’t seem to think rationally. He’s never met anyone who dives into the unknown like she does or tames chaos like she can. In a world as perfectly controlled as his, that makes her irresistible and utterly dangerous. And he’s willing to risk it all to thaw his frozen heart.

It’s half past too late when he realizes his carefully laid plans to win her over covered everything except the theft of the Crown Jewels, an abandoned mine where they’d have to face their deepest fears, and the betrayal that forces them to let go.Quite literally.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. Sassy romantic adventure, with instances of chaos, misunderstandings, and feels. Oh, and the occasional sheep. Sparks will fly, it’s gonna get awkward, and the Happily-Ever-After will be well-earned. 





The Matchmaker’s Royal Mess is the second book in The First Three Dates series by Frieda J. Downing.  Ten years ago, Hattie’s heart and future were destroyed by Zander, her high school crush.  Hattie is now a skeptic, a hermit, and jaded.  The last thing she wants is to see Zander again.  Zander has been haunted by how he treated his crush, Hattie, ten years ago.  All these years have made their connection stronger for Zander.  Zander is facing the most significant moment in his life, and he wants Hattie beside him.  This romance is going to be rocky!  Can Zander earn Hattie’s trust and heart?

Hattie is the opposite in demeanor of most heroines we meet.  Hattie is abrasive; I loved that about her!  Hattie has a bunch of defense mechanisms.  I laughed and cried with Hattie.  Zander has suffered from guilt over what happened to the first girl he loved.  Determined to make amends, Zander goes about it all wrong.  I was drawn to Zander; his complicated life and personal challenges created a caring, if cautious, man.

To say Hattie and Zander have a rocky romance is an understatement!  The couple’s puppy love blossoms into something much more substantial.  Zander has a romantic side I love.  Hattie guards her heart, and I can feel her vulnerability.  I wished for more romantic moments between the couple because their chemistry was excellent.

The plot was intricate, and a lot was going on.  From rescue birds to errant sheep, it was a wild ride!  The storyline kept my interest, and I cared for Zander and Hattie.  I was a little confused about where Zander and Hattie’s relationship stood.  It was a happy ending; however, I couldn’t figure out exactly what level of commitment the couple was at.  That being said, I was entertained throughout the entirety of the novel.  Zander and Hattie’s relationship reads like a romantic comedy.  The matchmaker’s Royal Mess was a striking, effervescent read that left me smiling.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Xpresso Tours.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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Nice to meet you. I’m Frieda. I write sweet contemporary romance as well as romantic adventure.

I blame it on my childhood babysitters. For some reason they thought I shouldn’t ride our family’s buffalo. Believe me, I was just as shocked as you. Though I never did get that buffalo ride, I found plenty of other creative outlets for my adventure needs. Some were good clean fun, some got me kicked out of various and sundry events, and others ended with me getting lost in catacombs. (Not metaphorically speaking. Somewhere there’s an Austrian catacomb caretaker? guy whom I owe dinner and a large apology.)

I like to think I’ve gotten a tiny bit wiser.

I married my best friend and dove head first into the magnificent cyclone known as raising kids. I mountain bike every chance I get, lose my coffee cup daily, and bake a mean lemon merengue pie, if I do say so myself. I may indulge in shenanigans on a regular basis, but I plead the fifth every time.

I suppose it’s important to me that you know how very much I love us crazy, broken humans. We dream so big. We try so hard. Yet somehow, so often, things just go terribly, horribly wrong.

That’s where my books begin… because that’s where the real love story’s found. I hope you enjoy reading them. Most of all, I wish you adventure, joy, and more love than you knew was possible,


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