Spotlight: Love In The Highlands by Fiona Knightley

Hello, fellow romance lovers!  Today I am spotlighting the Love In The Highlands series by Fiona Knightley.  This five-part series is full of action, passion, and intrigue!  These novellas are a great way to spend an afternoon!  I love the way each character is written vividly with organic emotions.  The background is sweeping, and the plot kept me thoroughly engaged!  Fiona Knightley has created another fantastic romance set in an exciting historical backdrop. 

Bursting at the seams with romance, drama, and intrigue! Read the complete “Love In The Highlands” and allow yourself to experience the rugged beauty and timeless romance of the Scottish Highlands.

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I enjoyed this series; as a whole, it was excellent.  My favorite parts were the scenes between Samuel and Darra.  The couple’s connection was strong, and I genuinely cared for the characters.  Each installment builds upon the previous and I became more and more invested as the story grew. I loved how we see Shannon’s side of the story at the end as well! This was a fast-paced page-turner that kept my rapt attention. Fiona Knightley has a knack at creating romances with heart and soul that captivate the reader.

♥ The clan’s battle is over, but hers has just begun …
Darra is her clan’s last hope for peace. The bloody war has waged for years, and time is running out. In a desperate attempt to end the brutality, a plan is devised to unite the clans
With no other options, Darra must sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of her clan. She had always believed she would marry for love, but nobody expected this! She has been promised to the infamous Carrigan the Cruel!


Highlander’s Proposal is another solid beginning for a mini-novella series.  Like the latest Viking series, Fiona Knightley has created an entertaining story that kept my attention and has me looking forward to the next installment. Both Samuel and Darra are strong characters.  The arranged marriage created a fun, exciting storyline.  I love Fiona Knightley’s writing style.  I enjoy these short, easy reads tremendously!

♥ He Saved Her Life, But Can She Tame His Soul?
Samuel’s dark secret has been revealed. Can Darra find the strength from within to forgive him?
If so, she must do it soon, for if the peace brought by Samuel and Darra’s union was to fail, their lives would be changed forever. Love must find a way.


Taming The Highland Laird is the second installment in the Love in The Highlands series.  I loved both Samuel and Darra – they are both vividly rich characters.  This plot is well thought out.  The connection between the couple is tentative yet sweetly romantic at times when the protagonist isn’t trying to tear them apart.  This was an entertaining, engaging entry in an exciting new series.

Excerpt of Taming The Highland Laird

♥ Her past has returned to haunt her, and the consequences are dire.
Laird Guthrie has been promised an heir, but Darra has yet to produce one. To make things worse, tensions mount between the two clans as an alarming discovery is made which threatens peace.
Is war looming on the horizon?


Highland Intrigue is the third installment in a collection of novellas, Love In The Highlands.  Although these installments are very short, they convey a concise, entertaining, eye-catching medieval romance.  Both Darra and Samuel are likable, vivid characters.  I like the ongoing storyline; this installment was easy to read and kept my attention.  This is the best section of the series so far.  Reading Highland Intrigue is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon!

♥ Time is up! The fate of all rests upon their love for each other.
With his lover in distress, a missing heir, a mother scorned, and an inevitable war looming in the
distance, can one man rise to the challenge in the name of true love?


Saved By The Highlander is the fourth installment in the Love In The Highland series.  This short, easy-to-read novella continues the adventures of Samuel and Darra.  This episode did an excellent job of continuing the epic feel and sweeping romance in a concise time frame.  I was invested in Samuel and Darra, and the action and fast pace of the novella kept me turning the page.  I thought the epilogue tied everything up nicely.  I have adored Samuel and Darra’s story so far.  I advise taking an afternoon and reading this lovely series.

♥ There are many sides to every story, which will you believe?
Your powerful husband is dead, the world as you know it has been turned upside down, and your only child has been ripped from your arms and sent to a distant land without the love and protection of his mother. You didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned …


I was concerned when I realized this was Shannon’s side of the story, but this is the strongest installment in the series!  You get to see the motivations behind Shannon, and Fiona Knightley does an excellent job of humanizing her.  I liked the burgeoning romance too.  Shannon is a complicated character.  She is angry at her new situation and lashes out, yet at the same time, she is a loving, caring mother.  We get to see both sides of the story with Deception In The Keep, and I am glad I got to see another side of Shannon!  

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