His Unlikely Duchess by Amanda McCabe


His Unlikely Duchess is the first book in the Dollar Duchesses series by Amanda McCabe.  This romance is an excellent way to start a series.  Miss Lily Wilkins is an American heiress looking for a titled, sensible match to aid her sister’s marriage prospects.  Lily and her money catch Aidan, the Duke of Lennox’s eye.  Lily is beautiful inside and out, yet Aidan faces money troubles, feelings of inadequacy, and a past that haunts Aidan and Lilly.  This is the lovely story of two people who find healing, self-worth, and love.

Lily has been raised to see her only worth is her money.  Lily has a sweet, loving nature full of vibrancy and intelligence, even when she doesn’t see it in herself.  Aidan also struggles with his feelings of not being worthy of the title of duke.  Aidan is conflicted for most of the book, and seeing him find his way with Lily’s giving nature is enthralling.  The couple’s chemistry is a slow burn as they get to know one another, but it is also undeniable.

This medium-paced plot caught my attention on the first page.  What I loved most was the author’s brilliant storytelling ability.  I felt like I was there with Aidan and Lily through all their struggles and triumphs.  Amanda McCabe created characters I could invest in one hundred percent.  The romance flowed organically and captivatingly.  This is my first book of Amanda McCabe’s, and I am an instant fan!  I highly recommend this book and series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a gifted copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Publication Date: January 1, 2021

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