The Prospector’s Only Prospect by Dani Collins


The Prospector’s Only Prospect is a novel by Dani Collins.  This is my first Dani Collins book, and I am impressed!  This western is full of heart, humor, and romance.  Virgil Gardner lives on a gold claim and desperately needs a wife and mother to his three children.  Marigold Davis is running from her past into a dangerous, uncertain life with Virgil.  These two unlikely opposites find they have underestimated each other.  Respect and emotions bloom from distrust and heartache.

I instantly fell in love with Virgil due to his love for his children.  Virgil doesn’t know how to express affection, but his patience and acceptance of the children warmed my heart.  Virgil has reasons to reject these children, but he embraces them.  Marigold is full of tenacity and spirit.  Marigold will not give up.  Marigold has suffered gossip and cruelty, yet she perseveres.  Marigold’s instant acceptance of Virgil’s three children was heartwarming.

Virgil’s children stole every scene they were in!  I was enchanted and delighted by them.  Virgil and Marigold have an instant physical connection, and the sparks fly the longer they are together.  The plot moved well, and my interest was grabbed in the first chapter.  This plot contains serious subject matter, yet it is sprinkled with humor at just the right moments.  Dani Collins has done the difficult task of creating an emotional western that had me smiling and wanting more.  I highly recommend this book and hope more characters from this book get their own stories!

Publication Date: March 28, 2023

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