Glory And The Master Of Shadows by Grace Callaway


Glory And The Master Of Shadows is the fourth book in the Lady Charlotte’s Society Of Angels series by Grace Callaway.  This is an author that, when I read her books, I know that I am embarking on a turbulent, passionate, unforgettable journey.  Glory And The Master Of Shadows is another crowning achievement in romance writing excellence.  Wei and Glory’s romance stole my breath!

Master Wei Chen is a man haunted by his past, and the tragedies he’s experienced control his future.  Lady Glory Cavendish is nerdy, peculiar, and intelligent.  She’s not what is expected.  Glory is the last unmarried “angel,” and she feels increasingly ostracized.  Wei and Glory have a passionately explosive undercurrent that they are both aware of.  When circumstances throw Wei and Glory together, they embark on a journey of healing, passion, and love.

Wei has stolen my heart!  The dichotomy of Wei’s brokenness and strength drew me to him like a flame.  I related to Glory so much!  A nerdy, inquisitive pet lover?  Perfection!  I also loved Glory’s loving dynamic with her family.  The electric current of the passionate connection Wei and Glory share was breathtaking.  The sensual fire between Wei and Glory was amazing.

I have adored each book in this series.  Wei and Glory are tied with Pippa and Cull as my all-time favorite couple.  This hauntingly beautiful, breathtakingly intense story will stay with me.  This is a slow-burn plot, and every paragraph has creative nuances that build a poetically romantic tale.  Grace Callaway has created a romance that has stayed with me long after I closed the book, and isn’t that the most essential task for a book?  To be memorable and strike an emotional cord with the audience?  If you agree with me, then I recommend all of Grace Callaway’s books and Wei and Glory’s romance especially!

Publication Date: March 28, 2023

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