The Transported Duke by Lisa Torquay


The Transported Duke is the second book in the Roguish Gentlemen series by Lisa Torquay.  I fell in love with this series with the first book, The Jilted Gentleman.  The Transported Duke exceeded all my expectations!

Lord Hadrian Dankworth, the heir to the Duke of Rutherford, was transported to Australia for a murder he doesn’t remember committing.  Lady Matilda Henley was Hadrian’s naïve, besotted fiancée before her world crashed when Adrian was arrested. Two years later, Matilda travels halfway around the world to Australia for closure.  Her girlish dreams of happily ever after are crushed, and she decides to move on with her life.  Hadrian doesn’t recognize the independent, beautiful, feisty woman that meets him in Australia, and Hadrian can’t keep from wanting what he shouldn’t have.

Hadrian was a tragic figure; he was serving a life sentence for a crime he might not have committed.  All the doubts and darkness have changed and hardened Hadrian, yet he is not bitter.  I enjoyed how hard Hadrian fought to be a better man.  

I loved everything about Matilda!  Her association with Hadrian ruined Matilda, but instead of being discouraged, she thrived.  It was exquisite how Hadrian and Matilda didn’t wallow in self-pity but worked at changing their futures.

The sensual, physical connection between this more mature and changed Hadrian and Matilda is electric.  Sometimes I wanted to slap Hadrian for not listening to his emotions and being high-handed.  Matilda was in love with Hadrian but guarded her heart.  I couldn’t blame her when Hadrian was reacting negatively at every turn.  Thankfully Hadrian grows leaps and bounds emotionally throughout the novel.

This fast-paced plot had plenty of mystery, intrigue,  and passionate romance to keep me invested.  The romance between Hadrian and Matilda was turbulent, yet their passion burned like wildfire.  The characters were well-developed and relatable.  The storyline and the emotions conveyed flowed organically and poetically.  Lisa Torquay has added another fabulous romance to her Roguish Gentlemen series.  I highly recommend both books, and I am so excited about the next book!

Publication Date: March 28, 2023

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