A Manhattan Heiress In Paris by Amanda McCabe


A Manhattan Heiress In Paris is a novel by Amanda McCabe.  Occasionally I find a book that reaches me on a visceral, elemental level.  It is a book with phenomenal writing and striking, relatable characters, and it leaves me breathless.  A Manhattan Heiress In Paris is one of these books.

Elizabeth “Eliza” Van Hoeven is an American Heiress suffocating in her shallow, structured life.  She is exhausted by everyone telling her what is best for her.  Eliza wants more than a marriage of convenience and tea parties.  Eliza is a talented pianist and is offered a spot at the Paris Conservatoire.  Eliza embraces her freedom with both hands.

Jack Coleman is a person of color whose love is the music he plays.  Jack escapes the prejudices of New York when he is offered a position in a band in Paris.  Jack finds the freedom to play music and follow his dream in a forward-thinking city.

When Jack and Eliza are together, the sparks fly.  Drawn together by their profound love of music, the couple finds a well of emotion so deep and organic it took my breath away.  Jack and Eliza begin a journey together that expands their horizons and opens their hearts.  Yet Jack and Eliza face almost unsurmountable challenges due to their difference in social class and prejudices of others.  Jack knows that this bubble of acceptance in Paris is not sustainable and that their love affair is undoubtedly doomed.

This story was all-consuming; I couldn’t put this book down!  I had never read a historical romance set in 1920s Paris.  The author created a glittering, indulgent world with vivid characters and awe-inspiring backdrops.  Eliza and Jack meet so many artists, many we know.  They meet Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds, and Picasso, to name a few.  The decadent world created made me feel like I was there with Jack and Eliza.

Jack and Eliza’s love story is forbidden and dangerous; it has a Romeo and Juliet feel.  Yet the pull of music binds them together.  This is one of the most endearing, captivating romances I’ve read.  Jack and Eliza touched my heart.  It also made me so angry that they had to fight so hard to have the right to be together.  Amanda McCabe has created a poetically stunning romance that I couldn’t put down.  This is my favorite book I’ve read this year.  So jump into the world of jazz, creativity, and love!  I highly recommend A Manhattan Heiress In Paris!

Publication Date: March 28, 2023

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