A Bride For Brodie by Cynthia Woolf


A Bride For Brodie is the fifth novel in The Prescott Brides series by Cynthia Woolf.  I have enjoyed each of these easy-to-read, entertaining westerns.  The Prescott Brides are mail-order brides with a twist, each bride went to prison for robbing a bank, and they have their sentences commuted by marrying one of the five Campbell brothers.

Brodie is the youngest brother and has gotten into some trouble.  Lottie dreams of love and babies.  Brodie and Lottie face Brodie’s present problems and Lottie’s past.  The couple must fight for their new life and burgeoning love.

Each Prescott Bride book has given two vivid, relatable characters, a loving family, and plenty of intrigue.  I think Brodie and Lottie are my favorite couple.  The writing moves and flows well.  This is a quick, easy read that had me smiling.  I loved the epilogue as well.  Cynthia Woolf has created a world filled with lovable characters who face danger and fight for love.  I recommend this series to those lovers of Western romance and mail-order brides.

Publication Date: March 30, 2023

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