My So-Called Scoundrel by Fenna Edgewood


My So-Called Scoundrel is the third book in the Blakeley Manor series by Fenna Edgewood.  There is also a prequel novella that starts the series and makes four books.  The titled Blakeleys and their servants, the Spencers, have fallen for each other one by one.  This is the last siblings romance of Lord Leigh Blakeley and Marigold Spencer.  Meeting in a potentially compromising situation, Leigh and Marigold are swept into the London season, where desire and passion ignite between them. 

Leigh has turned from an infamous rake to a deadly assassin.  Leigh’s black heart is tarnished, yet he feels alive with Marigold.  Leigh’s journey to rectify a wrong has left his soul dark and empty.  Marigold enters his life, and Leigh sees hope and love for the first time in a long time.  I loved the complexity of Leigh.

Marigold has been turned into an unwilling debutante.  Marigold wants to make a difference, not attend balls.  When faced with two futures, Marigold must decide whether to risk her heart.  I loved how Marigold had substance and integrity.  She fought for her independence.

Leigh and Marigold’s connection is fiery from the first chapter.  The couple dances around each other in a way that captivates me.  Both characters had depth and were lovable.  The plot moved perfectly, and there was plenty of intrigue and vivid secondary characters to keep me enthralled.  I wish we could have seen more of the other siblings in the epilogue.  I have been impressed with every book in this series which has become one my favorite series.  I highly recommend the Blakeley Manor series and I felt My So-Called Scoundrel was a fantastic way to conclude the journey of these two families.

Publication Date: March 30, 2023

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