A Score With A Scoundrel by Tammy Andresen


A Score With A Scoundrel is the third book in the Lords Of Temptations series by Tammy Andresen.  Miss Emma Blake is trying to avoid marriage to an odious man.  She keeps getting into trouble, and Lord Tristan Smith gets her out of it.  Tristan wants nothing to do with society; he wants to open his boxing club.  When the lady and the boxer are together, sparks fly, and Tristan and Emma find themselves embroiled in a burgeoning romance.

Tristan was a great character.  Tristan has been burned by society before and doesn’t trust debutantes, yet he is constantly drawn to Emma.  Tristan is a boxer and the illegitimate son of a nobleman.  Recently coming into his title, he wants to be left alone.  I love Tristan’s strength, both physically and emotionally.  Emma was mischievous and headstrong; I loved her spunk!  The couple is a perfect combination of grumpy-sunshine, and their romance was a joy to read.

This was an easy-to-read, fast-moving, feel-good romance.  The plot moved quickly, and the characters were well-developed, lovable, and memorable.  Tammy Andresen is the master of creating unforgettable romances featuring edgy, dangerous heroes and independent, intelligent women who love them.  Her books take relatable characters and endearing storylines and create an engaging love story.  I have read all the Lords of Scandal and Lords Of Temptation books and highly recommend them both!

Publication Date: April 11, 2023

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