Surrendering To The Duke by Stevie Sparks


Surrendering To The Duke is the first book in the Lords of Desire series by Stevie Sparks.  After his brother’s death, Michael comes home from war and inherits the title.  Michael is in love with his brother’s widow.  Emmeline has been through horrific trauma and wants fervently to feel safe and give her daughter a loving home. Emmeline secretly wishes for a husband that loves her.  When Michael’s mother suggests a marriage of convenience between Michael and Emmeline, things get complicated fast.  Will Michael be able to heal Emmeline’s, shattered heart?  Can Emmeline save Michael’s tattered soul?

Michael and Emmeline have witnessed and been subjected to gut-wrenching traumas.  These two tragic souls build a tenuous connection that could bloom into something extraordinary.  I love how kind and patient Michael is with Emmeline.  Even though Micheal’s love initially is unrequited, he strives to make Emmeline comfortable and happy.  Emmeline’s journey to healing is breathtaking.  Together Michael and Emmeline ignite the page with their passion.

This is a hauntingly emotional book that is full of angsty goodness and undeniable passion.  I was caught in Michael and Emmeline’s romance instantly.  This book put me through a gambit of emotions.  The book flowed well and kept my rapt attention.  There were times I was rendered breathless by the strikingly organic and heart-shredding feel of Micheal and Emmeline’s connection

Stevie Sparks has written an unforgettable romance that has stayed with me long after I closed the book.  The quality of the writing was impeccable.  This is the first book in a long time that checked all the boxes of emotional depth, unforgettable characters, and page-burning passion.  I highly recommend this devastatingly sensual romance!

Publication Date: April 10, 2023

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