Beg You To Trust Me by B. Celeste


Beg You To Trust Me is the second book in the Lindon U. series by B. Celeste.  Please read the content warnings before starting this book.  This book drained every emotion I possess in the best way possible.  This novel expertly navigates serious, tragic topics blending them into a breath-taking, healing romance.

Skylar’s first semester as a freshman at Lindon U. is tragic and sadly much too familiar.  Skylar is sexually assaulted, harassed, and bullied.  Skylar’s journey is frightening, lonely, and gut-wrenching.  However, Skylar finds an inner strength she didn’t know existed through the help of loved ones, familiar and new.  Skylar may only have two people in her corner, but their fierce loyalty strengthens her to face her demons.

I was so happy Skylar found someone like Danny.  Danny quickly discovers his first impression of Skylar is wrong.  As Danny delves deeper into Skylar’s past, he falls harder and wants only to help her.  Danny’s patience and kindness are limitless.  Danny has no ego; he wants to support and love Skylar.

Danny and Skylar have a rocky road ahead of them throughout the book.  Danny can only do so much; Skylar has to find her way out of this nightmare.  But the support of Danny, Olive, and her family encourages her to step up and not let this horrible event define her.  Danny and Skylar’s romance is so sweet and heartwarming.  This couple fought hard for their happily ever after, but it was so worth it!

The writing, characters, and pace of the book were excellent.  However, it was the message the book conveyed that made this book stand out.  Life can get ugly, and wrongs are not always righted, but the strength of the human spirit cannot be denied.  Although I haven’t known Skylar’s pain, I know any of us could.  I did relate to the bullying and harassment.  Words can hurt just like physical blows.  Beyond the disturbing subject matter, this book was foremost uplifting.  Skylar fought through a dark place, but she survived and emerged stronger.  This gritty, haunting, relevant story will stick with me.  Danny and Skylar’s burgeoning romance broke my heart and, at the same time, gave me hope.  The Lindon U. series is raw, emotional, and utterly romantic.  I have no words for how intensely this book affected me.  Danny and Skylar were special, outstanding characters I will not soon forget.  B. Celeste is a powerhouse when it comes to writing unforgettable contemporary romance.

Publication Date: April 11, 2023

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