Two Scandals And A Scot by Tracy Sumner


Two Scandals And A Scot is the fifth novel in the Duchess Society series by Tracy Sumner.  There are also two novellas in the series.  I do not say this lightly; The Duchess Society series is my all-time favorite historical romance series!  Tracy Sumner’s writing has enchanted me since the first novella in this series, The Ice Duchess.  Each subsequent novel has beautifully built a captivating world populated with vivid characters that I must keep telling myself aren’t real!  Oh!  How I want to be a part of the Leighton Cluster!

Dash stole my heart in The Wicked Wallflower.  Dash has clawed his way out of the slums of Scotland to become the foremost expert on how to cheat at gambling.  Dash had the support of Macauley and Theodosia, “Theo,” and became a very profitable, famous author and co-owner of a gambling den.  Dash knows he’s blessed with good looks, intelligence, and personality.  I loved Dash’s boisterous, lovable character.

Theo is the reserved, studious sister of a duke who is from the wrong side of London.  Theo is thrust into London society and thinks she has a way out by marrying a studious, dependable man and leading a quiet life.  Everything falls apart at Theo’s engagement party, and she is thrown into the path of the man she could never resist.

The pages incinerated whenever Dash and Theo were together.  I love their twist on a marriage of convenience.  Although different on the surface, Dash and Theo share intelligence, drive, and passion.  Add Theo’s temper, and you have one unforgettable couple.  This is a very passionate novel; the sincere, sweetly romantic feel of the book is what drew me in.  Dash and Theo demanded my attention.  The poetically beautiful writing creates a picture of two misfit loners that find belonging and love in each other.

Tracy Sumner has outdone herself this time!  Each book in this series gets better and better.  I love that I can invest one hundred percent into these characters and the storyline.  Two Scandals And A Scot captured my imagination, but most importantly, it hijacked my heart!  Dash and Theo- my new favorite couple of the year!

Publication Date: April 20, 2023

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