Hanover Square Spare by Annabelle Anders


Hanover Square Spare is the first book in The Rakes Of Rotten Row series by Annabelle Anders.  Annabelle Anders is an instant-read author for me.  I discovered this author with the Regency Cocky Gents series and fell in love!  After that, I eagerly awaited each book in Miss Primm’s Secret School For Budding Bluestockings.  The Rakes Of Rotten Row has filled the void of missing those books for me!

This is a short, easy-to-read, entertaining romance.  The story introduces Reed, the new, unexpected Earl of Standish, and Lady Marigold Hathaway, the second overlooked sister in a Duke’s family.  Reed and Marigold find themselves in a unique, urgent situation where Marigold can assist the man she secretly harbors feelings for if she is brave enough.  Reed and Marigold both share insecurities and doubts.  I love how the couple finds their place and voice from the passionate bond they share.

I couldn’t put this book down!  It introduces a group of intriguing men whose stories I can’t wait to read!  Annabelle Anders’ superpower is in the delivery of her romances; they always catch my eye on page one, and the vivid intensity of the emotional storyline does not let go until well after I finish the epilogue.  This is yet another fantastic start to a promising series.

Publication Date: April 21, 2023

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