How To Best A Marquess by Janna MacGregor


How To Best A Marquess is the third book in The Widow Rules trilogy by Janna MacGregor.  I have enjoyed the journey of these three women, and this book was such a marvelous way to conclude it.  This book focuses on Beth Howell, the third wife of the deceased Meri, who is trying to find her dowery so she can live independently.  To achieve this, Beth enlists Julian Raleah, the Marquess Of Grayson, and her first love.  The appeal of splitting Beth’s missing dowery convinces Grayson to go on this adventure with the only woman he’s ever loved.

Grayson gave up his pursuit of Beth at a young age and broke her heart.  Grayson is broke,  can’t keep up his estate, and needs money to build his steam engines.  I had trouble liking Grayson initially due to how easily he gave up his pursuit of Beth.  I thought Grayson should have fought harder.  However, as the book progresses, I fell for Grayson.  His insecurities, love, and respect for Beth stole my heart. 

Beth has been disappointed and ruined by every man she trusts.  This missing dowery is everything to Beth.  Again, it took me a minute to warm to the prickly, defensive Beth, but her vulnerability and pain shone through, and she used these to discover what was truly important.

The passionate connection between Grayson and Beth was perfectly woven into a story of lost love and second chances.  The final few chapters and the epilogue catapulted this book into excellence.  This was one of the best endings to a series I’ve read.  The portrait!  I also am crossing my fingers that the secondary character, the Duke of Pelham, gets his own story.  Pelham stole every scene.  Janna MacGregor has created a series about sisterhood, perseverance, and soul mates.  I adored this enchanting series, and this final book was a perfect way to complete it!

Publication Date: April 25, 2023

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