The Goodbye Governess by Scarlett Scott


The Goodbye Governess is the fourth book in the Unexpected Lords series by Scarlett Scott.  Yet again, Scarlett Scott has written an engaging, incredibly passionate romance that consistently exceeds expectations.  

It is not a secret that I love gaming den owners, but I love champion boxers almost as much!  Knight is a boxer and a neglected second son that travels to America and becomes a famous prize fighter.  After years of success, Knight gets called home due to his brother’s death.  Now Knight is the earl and uncle to four precocious girls.  I loved the dichotomy of Knight’s multilayered personality.  He’s the tough, disciplined fighter, yet he has an inner levity and vulnerability that stole my heart.  Knight’s journey as a guardian to his nieces and with his burgeoning feelings towards Corliss was captivating to read.

I developed an instant attachment to Corliss.  Corliss is a writer who dreams of writing, traveling, and independence.  Corliss takes the job as Knight’s governess to study her newest character; she doesn’t expect to develop feelings for Knight or love for his Hellion nieces.  I loved Corliss’ tenacity; she fought for what she wanted.  Corliss wasn’t afraid to admit she was wrong, and she learned to express her feelings as her journey developed.  Corliss had doubts, but she was fearless.

I cannot write this review without mentioning Nettie, Beatrice, Alice, and Mary.  These four precious, wild girls stole every scene.  In many ways, they were the catalyst that threw Knight and Corliss together.  Each young lady was lovingly written.  I adored each personality and, of course,  their very creative pranks!

Knight and Corliss ignited the page.  This was a bit of a slow burn, but wow, when the couple kissed the first time, it was one of the most sensual scenes I have read.  The piano room scene was sweetly romantic.  Including Poe’s Annabel Lee gave this scene and the couple’s entire journey a hauntingly beautiful feel.  

This book embodied all the excellent characteristics of every Scarlett Scott book.  This author creates seemingly living, breathing, flawed characters that readers can instantly relate to.  The vivid storyline, incomparable writing, and lovable characters keep me returning to this author’s books.  Once again, I one hundred percent recommend this author, book, and series.

Publication Date: April 27, 2023

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