Ghostly Game by Christine Feehan


Ghostly Game is the nineteenth book in the GhostWalker series by Christine Feehan.  I am a hardcore fan of Christine Feehan, and I believe she’s one of the best paranormal romance authors.  Ghostly Game, although unique to the other books in this series, checked all the boxes of a fantastic paranormal romance.

There are different teams of GhostWalkers, and this book follows my favorite team.  Gideon’s soul is black, and he’s slowly losing touch with his humanity and his team, which is his family.  Rory is a nomad with an unknown past and a respiratory condition.  Gideon knows instantly when he hears Rory’s laugh that she is meant for him.  Gideon must weigh his loyalty to his family against his commitment to the woman he loves.  Rory must learn to trust Gideon when she has had no one to depend on in her life.  The journey Gideon and Rory take is intriguing and romantic.

The feel of this book was very different than most of the GhostWalker books.  The evil mastermind of the books plays a background role where usually he’s more prominent.  This book felt more like a ‘Who done it.’  The antagonists are different, and the focus and movement of the plot are unique.  A lot of the book focuses on Gideon and Rory being in their heads figuring out their relationship.  I liked this; the couple not only had to trust each other but themselves.  The last quarter of the story picks up speed and action.  I always enjoy the GhostWalker books, and Ghostly Game is no exception.  I do hope Javier has his story told soon!  I have been waiting on it forever!  If you’re new to paranormal romance or a die-hard fan, I highly recommend this series.

Publication Date: May 2, 2023

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