Piccadilly Player by Annabelle Anders


Piccadilly Player is the second book in The Rakes Of Rotten Row series by Annabelle Anders.  I love this new series!  Jasper and Nia captured my heart.  Nia runs away from a terrible future straight into Jasper’s unwilling arms.  The couple finds themselves in an impossible situation neither expected; nor did they expect the burgeoning feelings they would develop.

Jasper has an exaggerated reputation as a rake.  He loves his bachelorhood and refuses to make the same choices his father made for love.  Nia has been under the control of her calculating, cruel father.  Catching a glimpse of what freedom might feel like, Nia grasps the opportunity without much of a plan.  I loved Nia’s spontaneity and spiritedness. 

Both Jasper and Nia were lovable characters.  Their romantic journey was sweetly passionate and very romantic.  I loved the scene at the fair.  I loved how the relationship developed from strangers to friends to lovers, with respect earned at every step.  Nia’s inner strength was her greatest attribute.  Jasper had a quiet vulnerability that touched my heart.

Jasper and Nia’s journey was fun from the first page!  Jasper and Nia’s story was enchantingly romantic, and their chemistry was off-the-charts.  Annabelle Anders creates the most lovable, courageous, and relatable characters!  Her stories are always captivating, and Piccadilly Player is another shining example of excellent historical romance!

Publication Date: May 2, 2023

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