Mafia Sinner by Sabine Barclay


Mafia Sinner is the second book in The Mancinelli Brotherhood series by Sabine Barclay.  Wow!  This mafia romance is sizzling hot, filled with passion, danger, and intrigue.  Sabine Barclay was my introduction to mafia romance, and I love every one of her books.

Mafia Sinner features Carmine and Fina.  Carmine has been the resident bad-boy antagonist in many of these books.  I was so excited this anti-hero gets his redemption story!  Carmine has been the black sheep most of his life;  he strives to be that way.  I love how this book dives into Carmine’s psyche and conscience, revealing a flawed man with a vast capacity to love.  Carmine’s journey is so much fun to read!

Fina has been raised in the life and knows what to expect – until Carmine shows back up in her life.  The two have a rocky past, but when Carmine decides he wants Fina, nothing will stop him.  Only Fina’s insecurities can cripple this couple.  There were times I was frustrated with Fina; her mistrust in Carmine was valid, but I wish she’d given him a little bit more faith.  That being said, Fina was a strong, fierce woman.

What I love most about these books is how well the dichotomy of criminal versus family man is told.  These crime lords are vicious but can be unbelievably loving in such a sexy, sweet, domineering way!  This plot kept me glued to the page.  I look forward to each of these books, and Carmine’s story was absolute perfection.  I dare you to become part of the Mancinelli Brotherhood; once you read it, you won’t be able to put these addictive books down.  Sabine Barclay shines brightly with these eye-catching mafia romances!

Publication Date: May 9, 2023

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