Enraptured By The Marquess by Daphne Quinn


Enraptured By The Marquess is the third novel in the When The Wallflowers Were Wicked series by Daphne Quinn.  The books in this delightful series keep getting better!  Jeremy, the Marquess of Yeovil, returns from war broken in body and heart.  Jeremy builds a fortress around his heart and swears off matrimony and love.  Lady Eliza’s first season started swimmingly until it didn’t.  Eliza is disenchanted and insecure.  Jeremy and Eliza, two strangers, are forced to marry after a stolen kiss.  Eliza must tear down every wall Jeremy has erected around his heart, and Jeremy must discover what truly makes him happy.

Oh!  There were times when I wanted to kick Jeremy for his inconsiderate and destructive behavior!  I couldn’t dislike him, though!  Jeremy has been badly hurt physically and emotionally.  It was enthralling watching Jeremy find peace and solace in Eliza’s arms.  Eliza might be insecure, but this little mouse could roar!  It was entertaining watching these two damaged strangers find love in unexpected places.

The books in this series are so much fun to read!  The characters were lovable if infuriating at times!  The story moved and flowed well.  I loved the time spent when the couple got to know one another.  Daphne Quinn has created a delectable, engrossing novel that I couldn’t read fast enough yet never wanted to end!  I love this entire series!

Publication Date: May 18, 2023

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