Sinfully Wed by Kathleen Ayers


Sinfully Wed is the first novel in the new The Five Deadly Sins series by Kathleen Ayers.  Kathleen Ayers is one of my all-time favorite authors.  I am so excited about The Five Deadly Sins series!  Kathleen Ayers has the remarkable talent of writing family sagas where each beloved member shines in their individual books while strengthening the series as a whole.

Jordan Sinclair, the new Earl of Emerson, finds himself engaged to Odessa Whitehall because Odessa’s father owns all of Jordan’s late half-brother’s debts.  Jordan and Odessa vehemently object to this marriage.  Jordan is being forced to sell himself and his title to a vicious, unscrupulous man.  Odessa, who is shunned by polite society just like Jordan, wants nothing to do with Lords and wants to pick her own non-titled husband.  Odessa uses all her tricks to get Jordan to beg off, but the two are drawn to each other.  

Jordan is an amazing character!  He has fought for his family’s survival his whole life.  Jordan is angry.  Jordan learns to slowly release the anger and bitterness through getting to know Odessa.  Odessa is utterly unique!  Obsessed with macabre stories, she uses everything in her arsenal to disgust Jordan.  Odessa’s temerity hides a beautiful vulnerability.  Bonded by the actions of their parents, Jordan and Odessa forge a bond and slowly develop fiery, passionate feelings.

I was amazed at how carefully and lovingly each character was written.  One of Kathleen Ayer’s greatest strengths is creating unforgettable plots that are still character driven.  Each sibling’s description makes me so eager to read their books!  Odessa’s aunt was a favorite character.  Even the horrible relatives of Jordans were three-dimensional and intriguing.  Odessa’s plot to putting off Jordan had me laughing out loud!  However, under the enchanting banter and struggles for independence, Jordan and Odessa are two drifting, lost souls looking for connection and genuine affection.

This book raced by, and I couldn’t turn the page fast enough!  I didn’t think the author could build upon the greatness of the Barrington series, but The Sinclair family is just as formidable!  These books cannot come out fast enough!  I wish I had more than five stars for this humorous, passionate, unforgettable romance!  I am unsure whose story is next, but I can’t wait to read it!

Publication Date: May 19, 2023

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