A Wildflower For A Duke by Laura Linn


A Wildflower For A Duke is the debut novel by Laura Linn.  Rarely have I been rendered speechless with my emotions all over the place as they were while reading this romance.  Laura Linn’s first novel is breathtaking and astonishing.  I felt as if I have been reading her magnificent stories for years.

Boiled down, this book is about love in all its forms.  It is about young love that turns into something eternal, forbidden love, platonic love, unrequited love, love that blooms from friendship, and most importantly – love that heals a heart and becomes infinite.  This book embraces grief in the most gut-wrenching, organic way.  This story is about Gabriel, the Duke of Northam, learning to thrive from barely existing.  It is also about Violet Evan, a goat farmer who has always been on the sidelines of affection and hides her lonely heart behind intelligence, inquisitiveness, tenacity, and humor.

This is a slow-burn, friends-to-lovers romance.  The plot takes us on Gabriel’s journey of grief and Violet’s journey of experiencing and receiving emotions she thought she’d never have.  It is a tear-jerker yet has moments of levity so well-placed I laughed out loud.  Each secondary character, including Nora, Zach, Keene, Hamish, and the dowager duchess, was so carefully created and lovingly written. Each one helps to make this wonderful romance.  Each character was three-dimensional and vibrant.  Zach, Nora’s son who views the world differently but is a brilliant artist, is the perfect balm for Nora, Gabriel’s untethered, grieving daughter.  Keene’s unorthodox relationship with Gabriel added to Hamish’s unorthodox relationship with Violet, giving us warmth and laughter in the most desolate of passages.  

Laura Linn took me on a roller-coaster ride of genuine, heartfelt emotion.  Gabriel and Violet’s journey was one of the most visceral, heart-wrenching, unforgettable romances I have ever read.  There was one situation in the epilogue that stressed me out –I’m not too fond of the unknown.  I hope the next novel brings a happy conclusion to some unanswered questions.  I am eager to read what comes next from this amazing author – right now!  But I also understand that the book concluded as it was written, realistically, with both trepidation and hope.  Wow!  What more can I say?  Laura Linn has spellbound me!  I’ll finish with a quote from the book that struck an emotional cord with me.  “Sometimes we just have to love and have faith in the endurance of that love.”

Publication Date: May 22, 2023

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