May BOM And June Preview

Hello fellow historical romance lovers! May came and went too quickly! I read several excellent books this past month. I had a large amount of ARC books again. I read a total of fourteen books this month. May Book List Below are the books I reviewed this month with my review links ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A HarlotContinue reading “May BOM And June Preview”

April Favorites And A Look At May

Hello fellow historical romance lovers! April was a fun month for books. I read a wide variety of ARCs this month. In total, I read nine books, all ARCs April ARC List The Design Of Dukes, book two in the Beautiful Barrington series by Kathleen Ayers The Young And The Ruined, a collection of variousContinue reading “April Favorites And A Look At May”

My Monthly Faves

Hello fellow romance book lovers! March was an excellent month for reading! I went a little crazy with the ARC this month! I read 17 ARC! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for joy reading. In April I plan to slow down and do more joy reading! But we will see! I only have one bookContinue reading “My Monthly Faves”

My Monthly Faves

Hello fellow book lovers! February was a tough reading month! We had ice storms and loss of power. I also had family sickness and I was out of town for a week. Needless to say reading was a challenge. As with January, I read 14 books, reviewing them all. I read 12 ARC books andContinue reading “My Monthly Faves”

My Monthly Faves

Hello fellow book lovers! January was a good reading month. I had wanted to read more, however I had some setbacks. I read 14 books and reviewed 13. I had ARC books and some I just picked up. Favorite ARC Of The Month I had a really tough time narrowing this down. It finally cameContinue reading “My Monthly Faves”