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Once Upon An Achingly Beautiful Kiss by Bree Wolf

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Once Upon An Achingly Beautiful Kiss, both broke my heart and gave me great joy.  Only a truly gifted author can create living, breathing characters whose choices and consequences touch your soul.  I will not disclose the plot as it unfolds in a strikingly beautiful way that gives depth and warmth.  I will only comment that ChristopherContinue reading “Once Upon An Achingly Beautiful Kiss by Bree Wolf”

Tempting The Vicar by Liana Le Fey

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tempting The Vicar is a fun twist of a twin-swap romance.  Reverend Daniel Wayward takes his rakish twin’s, Devlin, place in London after a prank goes wrong.  Miss Olivia St. Peters is infatuated with Devlin Wayward.  Daniel must decline Olivia’s overtures, yet the more Daniel tries, the more besotted he becomes of Olivia. One reason I pickedContinue reading “Tempting The Vicar by Liana Le Fey”

December BOM And A Look Ahead

Happy New Year, fellow romance lovers!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic January reading all those books you received for the holidays.  For this monthly blog, I am featuring an overview of my December reviews.  I will then share with you my pick for December Book Of The Month.  After that, I will showcase what is coming upContinue reading “December BOM And A Look Ahead”

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