Desperately Seeking Seduction by Heather Boyd


Desperately Seeking Seduction is the second book in the Scandalous Brides series by Heather Boyd.  I was as delighted with this book as I was with the first book, Wicked With Him.  Dane Winston was born female but has lived the whole of her life as a male.  She now finds herself in the employ of Lord Stratford Sweet.  Stratford is flummoxed by his petite, young, soft valet.  When he discovers Win’s secret, sparks fly, and danger abounds.

I love the Sweet Brothers.  I liked how they all circle around their oldest brother, the Duke when their financial situation comes to light.  Stratford is the artistic, fun-loving younger brother, but he still loves and supports his brothers.  Win has struggled her whole life.  She finds she can finally be herself with Stratford, but the elements against them are colossal.   

I adore the primary and secondary characters in this novel and look forward to the other sibling’s stories.  The romance between Stratford and Win has an epic, sweeping feel.  The book moved well and kept me turning the page.  I loved everything about this series!  Both books grabbed my attention and heart.  Heather Boyd has created an addictive romance with charismatic characters and unbridled passion!

Publication Date: April 18, 2023

Hanover Square Spare by Annabelle Anders


Hanover Square Spare is the first book in The Rakes Of Rotten Row series by Annabelle Anders.  Annabelle Anders is an instant-read author for me.  I discovered this author with the Regency Cocky Gents series and fell in love!  After that, I eagerly awaited each book in Miss Primm’s Secret School For Budding Bluestockings.  The Rakes Of Rotten Row has filled the void of missing those books for me!

This is a short, easy-to-read, entertaining romance.  The story introduces Reed, the new, unexpected Earl of Standish, and Lady Marigold Hathaway, the second overlooked sister in a Duke’s family.  Reed and Marigold find themselves in a unique, urgent situation where Marigold can assist the man she secretly harbors feelings for if she is brave enough.  Reed and Marigold both share insecurities and doubts.  I love how the couple finds their place and voice from the passionate bond they share.

I couldn’t put this book down!  It introduces a group of intriguing men whose stories I can’t wait to read!  Annabelle Anders’ superpower is in the delivery of her romances; they always catch my eye on page one, and the vivid intensity of the emotional storyline does not let go until well after I finish the epilogue.  This is yet another fantastic start to a promising series.

Publication Date: April 21, 2023

Two Scandals And A Scot by Tracy Sumner


Two Scandals And A Scot is the fifth novel in the Duchess Society series by Tracy Sumner.  There are also two novellas in the series.  I do not say this lightly; The Duchess Society series is my all-time favorite historical romance series!  Tracy Sumner’s writing has enchanted me since the first novella in this series, The Ice Duchess.  Each subsequent novel has beautifully built a captivating world populated with vivid characters that I must keep telling myself aren’t real!  Oh!  How I want to be a part of the Leighton Cluster!

Dash stole my heart in The Wicked Wallflower.  Dash has clawed his way out of the slums of Scotland to become the foremost expert on how to cheat at gambling.  Dash had the support of Macauley and Theodosia, “Theo,” and became a very profitable, famous author and co-owner of a gambling den.  Dash knows he’s blessed with good looks, intelligence, and personality.  I loved Dash’s boisterous, lovable character.

Theo is the reserved, studious sister of a duke who is from the wrong side of London.  Theo is thrust into London society and thinks she has a way out by marrying a studious, dependable man and leading a quiet life.  Everything falls apart at Theo’s engagement party, and she is thrown into the path of the man she could never resist.

The pages incinerated whenever Dash and Theo were together.  I love their twist on a marriage of convenience.  Although different on the surface, Dash and Theo share intelligence, drive, and passion.  Add Theo’s temper, and you have one unforgettable couple.  This is a very passionate novel; the sincere, sweetly romantic feel of the book is what drew me in.  Dash and Theo demanded my attention.  The poetically beautiful writing creates a picture of two misfit loners that find belonging and love in each other.

Tracy Sumner has outdone herself this time!  Each book in this series gets better and better.  I love that I can invest one hundred percent into these characters and the storyline.  Two Scandals And A Scot captured my imagination, but most importantly, it hijacked my heart!  Dash and Theo- my new favorite couple of the year!

Publication Date: April 20, 2023

The Rose Of A Sultan’s Son by Linda Rae Sande


The Rose Of A Sultan’s Son is the eighth book in The Heirs Of The Aristocracy series by Linda Rae Sande.  I always look forward to visiting this author’s romantic world.  I have read many of her books, and I am addicted to the ongoing sagas of a mix of familiar families and new characters.

Ertugrul is a future Sultan.  He wants to forgo a harem and find an English wife to fall in love with.  Ertugrul accompanies his friend, David Bennett-Jones, to England for the season.  David has been on his grand tour for far longer than expected.  He has one young lady in mind for marriage, but will she accept him?

Adeline is David’s sister and has accepted her role as a wallflower.  She wants to help her friend, Rose, find a husband.  However, fate has different ideas, and these four young people find love in unexpected places.

Having read many books in this series, I was used to the two couples and many familiar secondary characters.  I wasn’t lost and enjoyed the past couple’s appearances.  I loved reading Ertugrul’s romance; I had been drawn to him since the last book about his father.  All four characters were vividly defined and instantly lovable.  The plot was entertaining and a joy to read.  I know I am in for a book that is playful, romantic, and passionate.  I always smile at the end of these fantastic books, and I do not want them to end!  The Rose Of A Sultan’s Son continues the excellence in writing I am accustomed to when reading a Linda Rae Sande novel.

Publication Date: April 14, 2023

Beg You To Trust Me by B. Celeste


Beg You To Trust Me is the second book in the Lindon U. series by B. Celeste.  Please read the content warnings before starting this book.  This book drained every emotion I possess in the best way possible.  This novel expertly navigates serious, tragic topics blending them into a breath-taking, healing romance.

Skylar’s first semester as a freshman at Lindon U. is tragic and sadly much too familiar.  Skylar is sexually assaulted, harassed, and bullied.  Skylar’s journey is frightening, lonely, and gut-wrenching.  However, Skylar finds an inner strength she didn’t know existed through the help of loved ones, familiar and new.  Skylar may only have two people in her corner, but their fierce loyalty strengthens her to face her demons.

I was so happy Skylar found someone like Danny.  Danny quickly discovers his first impression of Skylar is wrong.  As Danny delves deeper into Skylar’s past, he falls harder and wants only to help her.  Danny’s patience and kindness are limitless.  Danny has no ego; he wants to support and love Skylar.

Danny and Skylar have a rocky road ahead of them throughout the book.  Danny can only do so much; Skylar has to find her way out of this nightmare.  But the support of Danny, Olive, and her family encourages her to step up and not let this horrible event define her.  Danny and Skylar’s romance is so sweet and heartwarming.  This couple fought hard for their happily ever after, but it was so worth it!

The writing, characters, and pace of the book were excellent.  However, it was the message the book conveyed that made this book stand out.  Life can get ugly, and wrongs are not always righted, but the strength of the human spirit cannot be denied.  Although I haven’t known Skylar’s pain, I know any of us could.  I did relate to the bullying and harassment.  Words can hurt just like physical blows.  Beyond the disturbing subject matter, this book was foremost uplifting.  Skylar fought through a dark place, but she survived and emerged stronger.  This gritty, haunting, relevant story will stick with me.  Danny and Skylar’s burgeoning romance broke my heart and, at the same time, gave me hope.  The Lindon U. series is raw, emotional, and utterly romantic.  I have no words for how intensely this book affected me.  Danny and Skylar were special, outstanding characters I will not soon forget.  B. Celeste is a powerhouse when it comes to writing unforgettable contemporary romance.

Publication Date: April 11, 2023

Dare You To Hate Me by B. Celeste


Dare You To Hate Me is the first book in the Lindon U. series by B. Celeste.  This is a unique premise for me.  The novel follows a university football star, Aiden, and the girl who stole his heart as a child and disappeared, Ivy.  After years, fate stepped in and reunited Aiden and Ivy.  However, Ivy has made decisions that have led her down a very dark path.  Aiden is at the top of his game and has every goal he sets to achieve, yet all he can think about is Ivy.

My heart cried for Ivy.  She was a neglected, emotionally abused teenager who made a bad decision.  Ivy had no one to fall back on, and she spiraled.  Ivy left her only emotional support in Aiden and his family.  Ivy has paid dearly for her decisions, yet she has risen from the ashes of her past.  Ivy finds her voice and her worth with Aiden’s support and love.

Aiden has worked diligently to be the top player and A student at Lindon U.  Aiden is going pro after this semester.  Aiden reunites with Ivy, and all those feelings come rushing back, but Ivy is a shell of what he remembers.  Aiden is sweet to Ivy; he never lets go, even when she lashes out.  Aiden’s love helps heal Ivy and gives her the strength to begin again.

The plot discusses situations that could be content warnings for some readers.  Emotional abuse is prevalent in Ivy’s young life, and I felt the book did an excellent job portraying how destructive words and neglect can be to a child.  Self-harm is also discussed, and I thought it was described in a realistic, respectful manner.  Ivy eventually seeks assistance with her mental health.  The message of hope the author creates with Ivy’s journey is beautiful and uplifting.

There are a lot of secondary characters whom I feel are waiting on their own stories.  I was intrigued by the football team and look forward to their stories.  This is my first novel by B. Celeste, and I was impressed.  The author did an excellent job portraying important themes within a heart-wrenching, passionate love story.

Publication Date: April 11, 2023

Enticing The Earl By Daphne Quinn


Enticing The Earl is the second book in the When The Wallflowers Were Wicked series by Daphne Quinn.  I was instantly captivated by Ensnaring The Duke, and Enticing The Earl moved the bar of excellence higher.

Juliet is a wallflower trying hard to appease her parents by gaining a perfect marriage to compensate for her twin’s scandal.  Juliet is clumsy and shy.  I loved Juliet’s kindness; she showcased an inner strength combined with her inner beauty.  Juliet was an elegant lady that showed brightly even when she couldn’t see it.

Owen prides himself on being a successful, independent Earl.  Owen sees no reason to marry soon.  His world is turned upside down when he meets Juliet.  Her sharp wit and clumsiness endear Owen, and he thinks marriage might not be so bad after all.

I loved the back-and-forth banter between Owen and Juliet.  The development of their romance was engaging, and I was glued to the page.  The plot was eye-catching.  The characters were flawed and beautiful, giving an organic flow to the novel.  I instantly enjoyed Daphne Quinn when I read Ensnaring The Duke, and Enticing The Earl solidified her place in my favorite authors list.  Daphne Quinn weaves an engrossing, poetic romance that captured my heart on the first page!

Publication Date: April 13, 2023

Barons Adore Curves by Jemma Frost


Barons Adore Curves is the second book in the Lords Adore Curves series by Jemma Frost.  This is a short, easy-to-read steamy romance.  Wow!  This story packed quite a punch!  This is a short novella with the heart of a lion.  There is unrequited love, a curvy heroine, and a little bit of Cinderella in this fantastic book.

I love everything about this novella.  The writing is breathtaking and elegant.  It gives the feel of a well-put-together novel in less than one hundred pages.  The characters were richly vivid.  Oh!  How I want Noah pining for me!  Ivy was sweet and innocent, never letting her torturers alter her disposition.  The passion between Noah and Ivy was off-the-charts sexy!

I have been a fan of Jemma Frost since her first novella.  I have been honored to witness Jemma Frost’s ingenious writing grow and develop with each new book.  She is a force to be reckoned with in spicy historical romance.  I have loved both the Garden Girls and Lords Love Curves series.  Barons Adore Curves has beautiful writing, unforgettable characters, and steamy passion.  I cannot wait to see where this series goes next!

Publication Date: April 12, 2023

A Score With A Scoundrel by Tammy Andresen


A Score With A Scoundrel is the third book in the Lords Of Temptations series by Tammy Andresen.  Miss Emma Blake is trying to avoid marriage to an odious man.  She keeps getting into trouble, and Lord Tristan Smith gets her out of it.  Tristan wants nothing to do with society; he wants to open his boxing club.  When the lady and the boxer are together, sparks fly, and Tristan and Emma find themselves embroiled in a burgeoning romance.

Tristan was a great character.  Tristan has been burned by society before and doesn’t trust debutantes, yet he is constantly drawn to Emma.  Tristan is a boxer and the illegitimate son of a nobleman.  Recently coming into his title, he wants to be left alone.  I love Tristan’s strength, both physically and emotionally.  Emma was mischievous and headstrong; I loved her spunk!  The couple is a perfect combination of grumpy-sunshine, and their romance was a joy to read.

This was an easy-to-read, fast-moving, feel-good romance.  The plot moved quickly, and the characters were well-developed, lovable, and memorable.  Tammy Andresen is the master of creating unforgettable romances featuring edgy, dangerous heroes and independent, intelligent women who love them.  Her books take relatable characters and endearing storylines and create an engaging love story.  I have read all the Lords of Scandal and Lords Of Temptation books and highly recommend them both!

Publication Date: April 11, 2023

Surrendering To The Duke by Stevie Sparks


Surrendering To The Duke is the first book in the Lords of Desire series by Stevie Sparks.  After his brother’s death, Michael comes home from war and inherits the title.  Michael is in love with his brother’s widow.  Emmeline has been through horrific trauma and wants fervently to feel safe and give her daughter a loving home. Emmeline secretly wishes for a husband that loves her.  When Michael’s mother suggests a marriage of convenience between Michael and Emmeline, things get complicated fast.  Will Michael be able to heal Emmeline’s, shattered heart?  Can Emmeline save Michael’s tattered soul?

Michael and Emmeline have witnessed and been subjected to gut-wrenching traumas.  These two tragic souls build a tenuous connection that could bloom into something extraordinary.  I love how kind and patient Michael is with Emmeline.  Even though Micheal’s love initially is unrequited, he strives to make Emmeline comfortable and happy.  Emmeline’s journey to healing is breathtaking.  Together Michael and Emmeline ignite the page with their passion.

This is a hauntingly emotional book that is full of angsty goodness and undeniable passion.  I was caught in Michael and Emmeline’s romance instantly.  This book put me through a gambit of emotions.  The book flowed well and kept my rapt attention.  There were times I was rendered breathless by the strikingly organic and heart-shredding feel of Micheal and Emmeline’s connection

Stevie Sparks has written an unforgettable romance that has stayed with me long after I closed the book.  The quality of the writing was impeccable.  This is the first book in a long time that checked all the boxes of emotional depth, unforgettable characters, and page-burning passion.  I highly recommend this devastatingly sensual romance!

Publication Date: April 10, 2023