Earls Prize Curves by Jemma Frost


Earls Prize Curves is the first book in the Lords Love Curves series by Jemma Frost.  This is a quick, delicious little romance with lovable characters and a sexy, sensual plot.  Miss Clara Netherfield has been a nursemaid for her parents her entire life.  Hugh, the Earl of Covington, is immediately attracted to the much younger Clara.  When Hugh devises a plan to introduce Clara to passion, she readily agrees, but neither can fathom that this physical desire could turn into something much more.

To me, Clara was a tragic figure.  Clara is practically a servant in her home.  Clara craves affection and is a sensual woman.  Clara takes what she wants, knowing it might be the only joy she’ll ever have.  My heart broke for the emotionally lonely woman.  But Clara has an iron will and inner strength that makes her irresistible to Hugh.

Hugh knows better than to encourage this attraction to a woman half his age.  Hugh falls under Clara’s spell and discovers it isn’t easy to forget her.  Hugh is physically attracted to Clara, but it was his tenderness and affection toward Clara that stole my heart.

The sensual connection between Hugh and Clara was incredible.  This is a short, easy-to-read book with an eye-catching plot.  I loved that Clara was a “curvy” girl, and I also enjoyed the age gap.  I devoured this wonderfully enchanting, sparkling romance.  I love this new direction Jemma Frost is taking in the Lords Loves Curves series!  This is a fantastic, quick read for a rainy afternoon.  Hugh and Clara’s May/December romance was engaging, sexy, and fun!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through BookSprout.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 11, 2023

Wicked With Him by Heather Boyd


Wicked With Him is the first book in the Scandalous Brides series by Heather Boyd.  I was pleasantly surprised by this little jewel of romance!  Amity Sweet is looking for someone to ruin her so she can escape marrying the awful man her brother has chosen.  Roman Crawford is Amity’s brother’s enemy and a much gossiped about lover.  Amity decides Roman ruin her because who better than someone who hates her despicable brother?  Plus, she can discover pleasure in Roman’s arms as well.  The couple does not expect sparks to fly or feelings to develop after the tryst!

Amity has been proclaimed a paragon of virtue by her family.  Amity decides to change her fate any way she can.  I liked how Amity was much more than the biddable, virginal debutante.  Amity knew what she wanted and took it.  Amity was brave and adventurous.  A lady has hurt Roman Crawford in the past.  He sees Amity as a means for revenge only.  I enjoyed the many layers of Roman; he was ruthless but held a silent vulnerability that appealed to me.  

Wicked With Him was a fast, entertaining read.  The plot was straightforward, allowing the characters to blossom and mature.  Both Roman and Amity were terrific characters in who I could invest.  The secondary characters were fascinating, and I look forward to their books!  This is my favorite Heather Boyd book!  Heather Boyd has created a passionate, romantic foundation for a stunning series.  This was a great love story to get lost in for a few hours.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through BookSprout.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date January 11, 2023

A Bet With A Baron by Tammy Andresen


A Bet With A Baron is the first book in the Lords Of Temptation series by Tammy Andresen.  This book was an excellent way to open a new series.  A Bet With A Baron is the first of a spin-off of Lords Of Scandal.  We meet the Smith family, who own a gaming den.  Mirabelle Smith is the illegitimate daughter of an earl, and now she has the title of lady.  Mirabelle will do anything to be accepted into society; she does this to help bolster her family.  Ken, Baron Boxby has had family responsibilities his entire life.  With his sister married, he can debauch and be a rake.  Mirabelle sees Ken as an opportunity to help her fit in.  Ken wants no entanglements, yet he is drawn to Mirabelle.

I enjoyed Mirabelle’s character.  She wants to succeed in society but not for her gain.  Everything she does is for her family.  Mirabelle has always felt not good enough, influencing her entire life.  I love how Mirabelle comes into her own with Ken’s assistance.  

I liked how Ken was not a rake or rogue, even when he tried to be!  Ken has been responsible all his life.  Finally free, Ken wants to gamble, drink, and carouse his way through Europe.  I loved how Ken stayed true to himself.  Ken has a compassionate, caring nature.  How Ken handles Mirabelle’s insecurities is sweet and heart-warming.

Ken and Mirabelle slowly develop feelings over a bet.  The couple’s journey was sweetly passionate.  I loved how Ken respected and admired Mirabelle, given her background.  The couple’s emotional connection was spellbinding and fun to watch develop.

The plot focuses on character development wonderfully.  I related to and cared for the characters.  I liked the introduction to the wild Smith brothers – I can’t wait for their stories!  Tammy Andresen is an expert at writing about gaming dens and rowdy siblings!  I love the edgy feel and sensual romance of A Bet With A Baron.  This is going to be another spectacular series – I can feel it!  I am eagerly awaiting the Smith brother’s stories!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 10, 2023

The Lady Of A Sultan by Linda Rae Sande


The Lady Of A Sultan is the second book in The Ladies Of The Aristocracy series by Linda Rae Sande.  Recently widowed, the dowager duchess, Charlotte, is out of mourning and decides to take a holiday in Greece.  Pirates take Charlotte’s ship, attempting to sell her to a Turkish Sultan in a palace by the Aegean Sea.

I love more mature main characters, and this book has two of the most organic, relatable forty-something characters I have read.  Charlotte has lost the love of her life, and her two adult sons are self-sufficient.  Charlotte is at loose ends without a purpose.  When Charlotte meets Sultan Ziyceddin I, she is taken aback because he is attracted to her – a middle age woman.  She doesn’t understand why the sultan would want her when he has dozens of willing young, beautiful women to warm his bed.  I loved Charlotte’s journey.  She is so unsure of herself when she has always been decisive.  Charlotte learns essential lessons and becomes stronger because of them.

Sultan Ziyceddin I has become despondent and lonely.  Ziyceddin sees changes in his kingdom coming and is trying to usher in a better future for his kingdom.  Ziyceddin is bored with his harem and is still mourning the one woman who had his heart.  Ziyceddin is a powerful, intelligent man who secretly craves tenderness and understanding.  He tries to be an excellent father, although he has his faults.  

Ziyceddin and Charlotte’s romantic journey was incredible.  These are two forty-something adults who have known love and slowly open up to the opportunity to love again.  Both characters cared deeply about their families.  The connection between Ziyceddin and Charlotte was off-the-charts fiery!  Ziyceddin and Charlotte prove that passion and romance are just as hot and emotional in their forties as when they were young.  

This was a fast-moving plot with a lot of intricate, moving parts.  The secondary characters and plot lines enriched and enhanced the central romance.  I devoured this book.  Linda Rae Sande has created her best romance yet.  The Lady Of A Sultan has a beautiful, unique backdrop with relatable, lovable characters.  As always, this book exceeded all my expectations.  For those of you who haven’t picked up a Linda Rae Sande book, what are you waiting for?

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 6, 2023

A Prince Among Spies by Meredith Bond


A Prince Among Spies is the third and final book in the Royals & Rebels series by Meredith Bond.  This final installment focuses on Prince Nikolas and Lady Hope Clemens.  Nik is on the run from unknown assailants trying to kill him.  Hope Clemens helps her spymaster brother and is tasked with spying on the same person Nik is watching.  The two meet and slowly develop feelings for each other.  But the couple faces many hurdles, including class differences, attempted murder, and lies.

I enjoyed both Nik’s and Hope’s characters.  Nik, being a prince, doesn’t have a clue how to live among the working class, where he is hiding out.  Although out of his depth, Nik still stays kind.  Hope is so much more than a debutante; she is a spy helping her brother crack codes.  I loved how Hope’s intelligence defines her rather than her beauty.  

This is a slow-burn novel; the couple does not meet until around the thirty percent mark.  Also, I wish there had been an epilogue showing us the three couples a few years after the book’s closing.  I felt Nik and Hope’s romance was settled abruptly, and I wanted a bit more regarding their future.  

The storyline was intriguing, and I liked how nicely it tied the other two novels into the conclusion.  This is a slower-paced book, but the dialogue and interaction between the characters kept me invested.  I advise reading this series in order, as the first two books end with cliffhangers but get resolved in this book.

A Prince Among Spies completed an entertaining series full of royalty, espionage, and romance.  I would suggest these books to those who like mysteries that continue throughout the entirety of the series.  A Prince Among Spies was clever, sweet, and charming!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Wolf Publishing.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Release Date: January 5, 2023

A Bride For Clay by Cynthia Woolf


A Bride For Clay is the fourth book in The Prescott Brides series by Cynthia Woolf.  This is Clay and Gwen’s romantic journey.  Convict Gwen commutes her sentence to be a mail-order bride.  Clay is Gwen’s intended husband.  Clay has sworn off love.  There are fireworks of passion when Clay and Gwen meet, but Gwen’s past will resurface and threaten the couple’s burgeoning feelings.

Clay can see how devastating love can be and swears it off.  Clay tries to protect his heart, but his journey to falling in love with Gwen is heartwarming.  Gwen refuses to let her past define her.  She makes Clay court her.  I love that Gwen is insecure yet also knows her worth.  

Clay and Gwen’s romance is more of a slow burn, whereas the action in the story is fast-paced.  This is a different style compared to the other books in the series.  I enjoyed the uniqueness.  The medium-paced plot moved well; I’d like more scenes with Clay and Gwen.  However, I understand the importance of the couple’s separation as it is pivotal to the plot.  Cynthia Woolf is an expert at delivering a western romance with heart.  A Bride For Clay is another excellent addition to The Prescott Brides series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 5, 2023

The Mistress Contract by Evelyn Austin Release Blitz


Title: The Mistress Contract

Series: Filthy Billionaires #1

Author: Evelyn Austin

Genre: Contemporary Billionaire Romance

Release Date: January 2, 2023


When college student Madeline Swanson stumbled into the wrong job interview, I immediately wanted her…on her knees.

My offer is simple–I’ll cover her tuition, living expenses and a generous shopping budget. In return, she signs a contract, making herself available at my request–on my arm or in my bed, fulfilling all my darkest desires.

She says no now, but I’ll pursue her relentlessly until she signs the contract. Then, not only will I make her mine, I’ll own her…

GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/63903485-the-mistress-contract 


US: https://amzn.to/3FJypwM
UK: https://amzn.to/3PWZtNV
CA: https://amzn.to/3jlz2VX
AU: https://amzn.to/3FO7YGl
Universal: https://geni.us/TMC-Amazon 

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The Mistress Contract is the first book in the Filthy Billionaires series by Evelyn Austin.  Billionaire Evan Kohl conducts interviews to find a mistress.  College grad student Madeline Swanson answers the ad mistakenly, thinking it is an assistant position.  When Madeline declines Evan’s offer, Evan becomes obsessed and determined to make Madeline his.  What starts as a contract builds to something more.  However, the couple must decide if two emotionally closed-off people can embrace something more than a casual contract.

Both Evan and Madeline were vivid, great characters.  Evan is wealthy, entitled, and cynical.  Madeline is intelligent, strong-willed, and inexperienced when it comes to relationships.  The clash of wills between the couple is electric.  The sensuality, passion, and physicality of the relationship are an inferno!  I would have liked more clarification on both Ethan and Madeline’s pasts, as there were past events relevant to the story that was never explored.  That being said, Ethan and Madeline’s scenes together were explosive and unforgettable.

The Mistress Contract had an engaging, addictive plot that I couldn’t stop reading!  This book moved fast and flowed well.  Evelyn Austin has created a sensually beautiful romance that caught my attention from page one.  I look forward to the second book.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Give Me Books Promotions.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


#2 Accidental Mistress – Releasing February 2

US: https://amzn.to/3ve3jso
UK: https://amzn.to/3PMj6Ix
CA: https://amzn.to/3VmS1wK
AU: https://amzn.to/3PN2JeP 


Evelyn has been telling stories in her head for as long as she can remember. She lives on the west coast with her family, and a menagerie of pets. She loves lattes, all things Disney, gaming, and writing dark, wildly sexy stories that give readers all the feels. 

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The Quest Of The Reclusive Rogue by Ellie St. Clair

Before the review, a special sneak peek!

His eyes had darkened as his hands tightened possessively on her hips, causing Prudence to gasp. She had known he had been suspicious of her, but never had she thought that he would was jealous, thinking that she might be choosing another man over him. While she didn’t enjoy the fact he would think such things of her, the intensity of his words caused a revelation within her.

“Why do you care?” she asked, tilting her head to the side as she wished she could see within his mind to what he was truly thinking. “I thought we were husband and wife in name only.”

“Do what you please in every aspect except one,” he said, his voice hoarse and his breath ragged. “You will not enter another man’s bed.”

“It is not as though I am in yours,” she retorted, not telling him the truth – that she had no intentions of being with any other man. Even though her marriage vows contained no aspect of love within them, she still intended to be true to them. For she didn’t seem to have desire within her for any other man except for Benedict. Which was disconcerting in itself but not something that she seemed to have any control over.

He growled and before she knew what was happening, he was stepping forward with her, pushing her back against her door, his hands cushioning her as she crashed into it. His head dipped and his lips met hers, forcefully, hungrily, and while she knew she should push him away, that this was not how she wanted him, her body had ideas of its own as her hands wrapped around his neck and she kissed him back with equal eagerness and ferocity.

My Review


The Quest Of The Reclusive Rogue by Ellie St. Clair is the fourth and final book in the Remingtons Of The Regency series.  Wow!  What a way to end a terrific series!  Full of romance, intrigue, and passion, we finally discover the person responsible for the crimes against the Remington family.  This book wrapped the series up splendidly!  It had all the charismatic features of the previous books, with a stellar cast of characters and an intelligent, eye-catching plot. 

Benedict has a vendetta against the Remington family.  He is dedicated to making the Remington family pay for the sins of their father, the previous duke.  Lady Prudence Remington is self-assured and happy with her life.  She has a secret passion she is fulfilling while trying to discover if Benedict is guilty of the crimes against her family.  After an encounter leaves the couple compromised, they must do the unthinkable and alter their lives forever.  Benedict must face a future with his hated enemy.  Prudence faces the end of all her dreams.  The immense distance between the couple must be met halfway if Benedict and Prudence want happiness and love.

Benedict was a tragic figure.  The previous Duke destroyed his family.  Benedict’s revenge is the only thing that motivates him.  I could feel his visceral conundrum when he fell for his sworn enemy’s daughter.  I loved Benedict’s journey from a bitter, angry man to someone who embraces his bright future.

Prudence is happy in life; she secretly gets to practice her love of fencing and, being independent-minded, decides to take the mystery of who is hurting her family into her own hands.  I loved how Prudence handled Benedict’s emotions. She tried again and again to show him warmth and affection.  Benedict and Prudence are dragged down under the weight of a broken man’s vendetta.

Benedict and Prudence have the kind of romance I love.  Two enemies are forced together into an impossible situation.  Passionate physical connection is evident from the start, but it’s the captivating journey of their hearts that makes this book extraordinary.  The scenes between Benedict and Prudence are hauntingly beautiful, capturing perfectly a man bent on revenge and the woman who learns to love him.  These star-crossed lovers melted my heart!

The Remingtons Of The Regency is a four-book series I recommend you read in order.  There is a mystery that runs through the entirety of the series.  The plot was engaging and kept my rapt attention.  This is a fast-paced plot.  I love how perfectly the author marries romance and mystery.  The writing flowed effortlessly, and I couldn’t put this book down!  I highly recommend this entire series.  Ellie St. Clair has created magic in a romance that exceeded all my expectations.  I hated to see this series end; however, The Quest Of The Reclusive Rogue has the perfect way to conclude an excellent series!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: December 30, 2022

Kiss Me, My Duke by Fenna Edgewood


Kiss Me, My Duke is the second book in The Blakeley Manor series by Fenna Edgewood.  There is also a prequel in this series.  The Blakeley Manor series has been excellent, and Kiss Me, My Duke exceeded all my expectations!  Dare and Laurel’s unique romantic journey captured my heart!  Captivating and unpredictable, this story kept me guessing and turning the page.

Dare is desperate to find his kidnapped sister.  Laurel, Dare’s housekeeper is just as invested as her brother was kidnapped.  Dare, being a duke, is frustrated that he can’t find any leads.  Upsetting him further is Laurel finding connections with possible information where Dare couldn’t.  The two are thrown together to find their kidnapped siblings.  They never expect to find passion and love.

Dare was a fun character.  He is stuffy and entitled, as most dukes are, but he also has a kind, sensitive side, as shown in his interactions with young Cassie.  Dare has a big heart and a subtly charming nobility.  Laurel is so much more than she seems. Beautiful, intelligent, and talented, Laurel lit up the page whenever she was in a scene.  Dare and Laurel fight their attraction, but it is inevitable that the two fall hard for each other.  I love the hidden depths both Dare and Laurel have.  The fiery connection between Dare and Laurel is built throughout the novel and culminates into an explosive passion.

The plot was entertaining; it had a lot of surprising twists and turns.  The character development felt intimate and personal.  The story had a good, medium pace, and the writing style caught my attention and didn’t let go.  The secondary characters and storylines added an extra dimension to the story.  Kiss Me, My Duke was an extraordinary addition to this magnificent series.  I love the Blakeley siblings and their unconventional thinking.  Each of these romances pulled at my heartstrings, and I finished the books wanting more!  These are characters I’d like to meet!  They are kind, giving, open-minded characters, and I could relate to them.  Fenna Edgewood has created a favorite series of mine, and Kiss Me, My Duke grabbed my attention and enchanted me on page one – I didn’t want this effervescent romance to end!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Wolf publishing.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: December 29, 2022

Cinderella And The Duke by Lydia Drake


Cinderella And The Duke is the debut novel by Lydia Drake.  Julia has one chance to catch a husband, any husband, at her one ball to escape a life with her horrid stepmother.  Gregory Carter, the Duke of Ashworth, rogue extraordinaire, is tired of duels and escaping bored society wives.  Gregory and Julia collide at the ball, and there is an instant attraction.  Julia must convince Gregory that he has much to gain and little to lose by marrying.  Gregory and Julia have shut off their hearts and must learn to trust, or this marriage could go horribly wrong.

Both Gregory and Julia were lovable, remarkable characters.  I loved the attraction and banter between the couple.  I enjoyed the writing style and the book’s exciting and intriguing premise.  It was a unique twist on Cinderella.  There were times in the relationship when the couple circled the main issues of their relationship too much.  The hot and cold emotions whipped back and forth too much at times. 

The plot could have run smoother; some stops and starts were abrupt in the spaces between essential scenes.  However, I enjoyed the writing, and the parts I critiqued can easily be remedied as the series matures and continues.  I felt the storyline was solid, and I enjoyed Gregory and Julia’s journey.  The couple’s sensual connection was evident.  I felt there could have been more passionate scenes.  Lydia Drake has created a solid foundation for a debut novel and a new series.  I enjoyed the secondary characters, and I hope to see their stories also told.  I will be reading more about this author.  This new author caught my attention, I can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: December 27, 2022