Brutal Reign The Complete Series by Sasha Leone Release Blitz


Title: Brutal Reign: The Complete Series

Author: Sasha Leone

Genre: Dark Mafia Romance Collection

Release Date: February 7, 2023


The complete dark mafia romance series from bestselling Amazon author Sasha Leone. Over 2,000 pages of spicy, binge-worthy romance. Each book focuses on a new couple and ends with a HEA.

Includes Savage Don—a top 35 best seller in the ENTIRE Amazon store!

Merciless Prince — arranged marriage, enemies to lovers, dark mafia romance

He was never going to be my Prince Charming…

Arrogant. Ruthless. Breathtaking. Aiden Kilpatrick is heir to the Irish mafia, and that’s bad news for me.

I’m the D’Ignoti princess, after all. Daughter of the Italian Don who once betrayed his family.

Forced to sign a marriage contract, I’m given to him. A deb repayment.

Suddenly, I’m his to possess. His to corrupt. His to rule.

Then, his to save.

Because the only thing more dangerous than falling for the devil,

Is going through hell without him by my side.

Brutal Savior — forced marriage, enemies to lovers, dark mafia romance

The Devil Killed My father… So I Stole His Daughter.

The Bratva princess is my key to revenge. The perfect bait to draw her father out of hiding.

So, I take her without mercy.

The only problem is, the more I take, the more I want.

Soon, she’s an addiction. An obsession.

And when the time comes to give her up. I’m not sure I can.

Even if it means war.

Cruel Knight — second chance, friends to enemies to lovers, dark mafia romance

The mafia is my life, but she is my obsession.

We used to be so close. The devil and his angel.

Inseparable. Until our demons tore us apart.

In this cruel world, there are no second chances.

But when I see Tara tied up on stage at a devil’s auction, no one is going to outbid me.

I’ve found her. I’ve bought her.

And I’m not letting her go until she understands that she’s mine.

Even if that means becoming the very monster she’s running from.

Wicked Master — virgin MMC, auction, captive, dark mafia romance

Her punishment is my reward.

She’s forced up on stage like a lamb to the slaughter.

The perfect captive… for a price.

I make sure I’m the highest bidder.

It’s that sandy blonde hair; those shimmering hazel eyes.

They remind me of an old life, before I become the monster I am today.

Oh, how weak I once was.

To reclaim my past, I will conquer her.

But first, I need to destroy her demons.

Because she doesn’t belong to them anymore.

She belongs to me.

Twisted Lover — forbidden, marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers, dark mafia romance

My hate for her ignited a war. Our marriage could end it.

It started when I killed her father. His life was mine to take.

Now, his daughter is too.

For the sake of peace, our advisors suggest we marry.

As if she’d ever agree to that.

Still, one look at my enemy’s daughter, and I can’t think of anything else.

So, I steal the spoiled princess.

Every spank. Every bite. Every lash of my tongue. It’s an act of war.

But the more I take, the less I can control myself.

Turns out, Sophia Xiphias isn’t the girl I thought she was.

She’s the girl I need.

Savage Don — age gap, stalking, pregnancy, forced marriage, dark mafia romance

Corrupting her is how I conquer the underworld.

Step one — Knock up my enemy’s daughter.

Step two — Invade his mafia empire from the inside out.

That’s my sinister plan. Simple and delicious. And it all starts with her.

Francesca Galli.

Putting a baby in the innocent princess won’t just give me the control I demand,

It will forever tie me to the girl of my dirty dreams.

I’ve been stalking her. Studying her. Craving her.

Now, it’s time to teach her.

Because she was only ever meant to be one thing.

My queen.

*Includes the extra spicy Savage Don Bonus Epilogues!!


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Brutal Reign The Complete Series by Sasha Leone includes the books Merciless Prince, Brutal Savior, Cruel Knight, Wicked Master, Twisted Lover, and Savage Don.  This is a fantastic group of dark mafia romances.  I fell in love with each of these darkly sensual romances.  Each book had brutally, unapologetically violent men who find their match in fierce, strong women.  I can’t pick a favorite, but I loved Twisted Lover and Savage Don.  If you enjoy dark mafia romance, then pick up this series!  Sasha Leone is a master in this genre and delivers angsty, breathtaking romance gold!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Give Me Books Promotions.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Sasha Leone writes dark, suspenseful romance novels about powerful mafia kings and the women who bring them to their knees. 








The Art Of Seducing A Husband by Clair Brett


The Art Of Seducing A Husband is the fifth book in the Improper Wives For Proper Lords series by Clair Brett.  This is a heart-warming romance about a young bride that will go to any lengths to get her husband to embrace his love for her.  Anthony Colcord, the Earl of Wolverton, has decided to keep his new bride at a distance so that he will never become a monster like his father.  Lady Jemma was ripped from a convent school into society; however, with the help of new friends, including her husband’s ex-courtesan, Jemma will fight for her new life and her husband’s affection.

I liked how Anthony was portrayed.  He was cold and emotionally shut off.  However, his development didn’t end there.  We learn of his tragic childhood and terrible father and have a window into Anthony’s soul.  I saw a man who has fallen in love with his wife and is scared to death to show her and the ton his feelings.  The author did a brilliant job of creating a complex, empathetic figure in Anthony.

Jemma was thrown into the lion’s den.  From convent to the ton, she had no experience or training to prepare her for what was to come.  Her husband avoided her; however, Jemma was not alone; she had the support of a wonderful group of ladies.  I loved how these women surrounded Jemma with love and support.  I often read about women in society being horrible to each other; this book was different in how it celebrated women building up other women.  Jemma was a lovable, vivid character.

Anthony and Jemma’s journey is full of frustration, misunderstanding, and peril.  Anthony puts up a good fight, but Jemma is relentless.  Jemma finds she has an iron will, and I loved seeing her blossom into a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it.  I felt the couple’s hard-won happily ever after was enchanting and beautiful.  This was a medium-paced plot, and it flowed well.  The story kept my interest; the characters captured my attention and held it. 

Clair Brett has created damaged yet redeemable characters for whom I desperately desired happiness.  Anthony and Jemma’s Romance was unconventional, unique, and utterly unforgettable!  I enjoyed everything about this book!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: February 7, 2023

Curled Up With An Earl by Amy Rose Bennett


Curled Up With An Earl is the second book in the Byronic Book Club series by Amy Rose Bennett.  I felt this book took the momentum from the first book and built upon it, creating an even more enchanting second novel.  William Lockhart, the Earl of Kyle, is a covert agent for the crown, undercover, trying to catch a murderer.  Miss Lucy Bertram is a bookish spinster who is shy and tongue-tied around crowds and suitors.  When Will goes undercover in Lucy’s house, passion explodes, and intrigues abound.

Both Will and Lucy are complex, complicated, vivid characters.  The couple’s connection was instantaneous, and their sensuality was undeniable.  The antagonist and secondary characters had depth and focus.  This was a well-thought-out storyline with clever and imaginative writing.  I felt the story could have been shortened a bit in the middle of the book; however, I loved the intrigue, action, and passion in the final few chapters.

What I liked most about this book was how Will allowed Lucy to be herself.  With Will’s faith, support, and love for her, Lucy blossomed into an independent, confident woman who was not afraid of love.  This was a lovely story of self-discovery.  I enjoyed the first book; however I liked Curled Up With An Earl more.  Amy Rose Bennett creates the most organic, relatable characters and places them in vividly passionate and intriguingly romantic stories.  I fully recommend this book!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: February 7, 2023

Enticed By A Governess by Jane Charles


Enticed By A Governess is book four in the Love Of A Governess series by Jane Charles.  I have enjoyed this entire series, and I believe this book is my favorite.  Victor Hawthorn, Viscount Blackmar, is forced into wedding a fifteen-year-old heiress when he is twenty-one to forgive his father’s debts.  Victor leaves his young wife Charlotte at a country estate and continues with his life.   Four years later, Victor visits his wife to find a beautiful, talented, kind woman.  These strangers must take time to get to know one another through danger and tragedy.

Victor was so kind to the young Charlotte.  He didn’t lash out or blame her for their predicament.  Charlotte grew from this timid, gangly, scared girl to an intelligent, beautiful young woman.  It was fun to watch Victor and Charlotte’s relationship grow from friends to lovers.

This was a medium-paced plot, and it flowed well.  I enjoyed watching the budding romance grow between Victor and Charlotte.  There is a smidge of mystery and lots of intrigues and danger woven within the love story that kept me turning the page.  I have loved all of these books in this series; they always have charming characters and riveting romances.  Enticed By A Governess checked all the boxes for a beautiful romance.  Jane Charles has created a love story with characters I could invest in. and romance that warmed my heart!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 31, 2022

Yours And Mine by A. E. Bennett Blog Tour

Book details:

Yours and Mine
by A.E. Bennett
Publication date: December 21st 2021
Genres: Adult, Historical, Historical Romance, Romance


She told a lie. He confirmed it. Now they’re secretly betrothed against their families’ wishes…

Lady Octavia Dorchester is the most desired young lady in the Realm. Now that she has twenty years behind her, society has deemed her ready to marry. Although she’s not enthusiastic, she promises to act like a proper lady and look for a good husband—just like her powerful father Lord Roman Dorchester wants.

Lord Gerald Verte has been painfully shy his entire life. He’s never been comfortable in society and lives in the shadow of his older brother, the imposing Lord Tristian Verte. Despite his desires to remain indoors and away from people, he promises his older brother that he won’t shame the family name, no matter how much his anxiety threatens to overwhelm him.

After sharing a dance at a ball held in Octavia’s honor, both she and Gerald know what no one else believes—it’s love at first sight.

When their respective family members object to the match, Octavia lies about their betrothal and Gerald corroborates her story. Raising the ire of both Lords Dorchester and Verte, Octavia and Gerald are torn apart and kept from one another until tragedy strikes.

This high-heat romance with a guaranteed HEA is a prequel to Gathering of the Four: Book One of the Serrulata Saga but can be read as a standalone.




My Review


Yours And Mine is a novella in the Serrulata Saga by A. E. Bennett.  What a great way to be introduced to a new author!  This is a mix of historical and fantasy romance.  Lady Octavia and Lord Gerald are opposites in the way they act in society.  Octavia is the bell of the ball, but Gerald is paralyzed by fear of crowds.  Gerald has terrible anxiety attacks, something I am familiar with.  I love how Octavia sees Gerald for the first time and knows how to calm him.

This is a star-crossed romance, but it is also love at first sight.  Gerald and Octavia’s families did not want them to marry.  The couple overcame many obstacles.  This was a fast-paced novella packed with vivid characters, a rich, well-developed world, and passionate romance.  I am eager to read the other two books in this series.   

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Release Date: February 3, 2023


Tour-wide giveaway (US only)

  • The Serrulata Saga bundle!
    • One paperback copy of each of the books in the series – Gathering of the Four, Yours and Mine, and Test of the Four


A.E. Bennett (she/her) lives in Washington, D.C. She is originally from North Carolina.

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Threads Of Time Series Books One & Two by Stevie MacFarlane


Tangled Threads is the first book in the Threads Of Time series by Stevie MacFarlane.  I enjoyed everything about this fun, entertaining, time-traveling western romance!  The unique and attention-grabbing plot had me on page one!

Morgan Whittaker has lost everything – he is a shell of the man he once was.  When Morgan’s estranged wife, Cara, a quantum physicist, allows him to start over at a different time, Morgan decides to take the chance.  He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I loved that this is a time travel romance that focuses on the adventure and not the mechanics.  The reader is immersed in Morgan’s new life.  Callie Mae, the owner of The Duchess, a saloon, is feisty, independent, and everything Morgan needs.  All the secondary characters are vivid and vital to the plot.  I feel as if I got to know the whole town. 

This is a fast-moving plot with lots of twists and turns.  Each character had purpose and intent.  I loved the unique premise of the storyline and thought this adventurous western romance a refreshing, enjoyable read!  Stevie MacFarlane has created an effervescent, eye-catching romance!  I believe this will be a series you won’t want to miss!

Release Date: December 31, 2022


Broken Threads is the second book in the Threads Of Time series by Stevie MacFarlane.  Before I begin, I advise reading Tangled Threads, book one in the series, first to receive the most out of both novels.  Broken Threads tells of Mead Whittaker’s adventure into the future to heal his leg.  Mead meets Cara, and a surprise!  Meanwhile, in the past, we learn more about Morgan and Callie Mae, Matthew and Laurie, Annalise and Ty, and the other girls of the Duchess Saloon, Fancy, and Marilee.

I loved that this was so much more than a conventional love story.  This time-traveling western had an entertaining, high-octane plot, vivid, energetic characters, and plenty of steamy passion!  I enjoyed everything about this fast-moving, intricate storyline. There are a lot of moving parts, and they are handled expertly.  This series is a joy to read!  Stevie MacFarlane has created a time-traveling western romance perfection!  I cannot wait for book three, Woven Threads!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: February 1, 2023

Accidental Mistress by Evelyn Austin


Accidental Mistress is the second book in the Filthy Billionaires series by Evelyn Austin.  I enjoyed The Mistress Contract and have looked forward to Ash and Lexi’s book.  I wasn’t disappointed!  I was captivated by the dangerous, mysterious, edgy Ash, and I fell for Lexi’s headstrong ways.  What starts with miscommunication and lies transforms into an obsession that could destroy the couple. 

These are fast-paced, sexy romances that I can’t put down!  The point of view is the first person for Lexi only, and I would have liked more insight into Ash. However, this is the writing style of the author and I have gotten acclimated to it.  I had some questions regarding Ash that weren’t discovered, but I must admit it added to his mystique.  I loved the ending, yet I wished for more!  I hope to see more of Ash and Lexi in Gwen’s book.  Evelyn Austin has created an edgy, sexy, intriguing romance I couldn’t put down!  I am on the edge of my seat for Gwen’s story!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: February 2, 2023

A Matter Of Convenience by Lana Williams


A Matter Of Convenience is the first book in the new Mayfair Literary League series by Lana Williams.  What a way to start a series!  I loved the premise.  A group of friends who are part of a book club decides to take marital issues into their hands.  This is Lady Phoebe and the Earl of Bolton’s story.

I loved everything about Phoebe!  Her tenacity and courage to get what she wanted were heartwarming.  How she handles disappointment with no regrets is inspiring.  Phoebe grabs an opportunity for happiness no matter the outcome.  I admired Phoebe’s spirit.

Anthony, the Earl of Bolton, unexpectedly discovers there is much more to Phoebe than being his sister’s friend.  Throughout the book, Anthony’s eyes are opened to what a unique, loving woman Phoebe is.  Anthony’s journey of falling in love was a joy to read.

In the beginning, the love is unrequited, yet every second Anthony spends with Phoebe opens his heart more.  I loved how Anthony was holding out for a love match.  That is unique in these kinds of books; often, the hero is looking for a marriage of convenience; I found this difference refreshing.

This was an eye-catching, enjoyable read.  I love the premise of the series, and I thought this was a solid beginning.  I can’t wait to read about the romantic journeys of Phoebe’s friends.  Lana Williams has created memorable, lovable characters and an enchanting romance I didn’t want to end!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 26, 2023

Captain Of Second Chances by Jennifer Monroe


Captain Of Second Chances is the sixth and final book in the Sisterhood Of Secrets series by Jennifer Monroe.  I have wanted to read Ruth’s story since the first book.  Ruth reminds me of a loved one, and I was so excited about her journey!

Ruth Lockhart has a very different upbringing than her friends.  Ruth is many things:  crafty, intelligent, outspoken, and attracts trouble.  Ruth also has a heart of gold and an adventurous spirit that makes her an unforgettable character.  Ruth is my favorite of the sisterhood.

Luke Bannerman is a shell of the man Ruth fell in love with.  Luke has turned to alcohol to drown out his tragic past.  Luke realizes what he is about to lose and, with Ruth’s help, becomes a better man.  Luke was a tragic figure, yet he had an inner strength and goodness that had me instantly like him.

This couple’s journey is the most romantic of the series.  There is a secondary plot that connects each book regarding Mrs. Rutley, the headmistress of the school.  I advise reading these books in order to get the full beauty of this series.  The conclusion wraps up the enigma that is Mrs. Rutley beautifully.  I love how we see all the good this one lady accomplished for a set of misunderstood and neglected girls.  This book had a faster pace than the others.  Luke and Ruth stole my heart!  I have read all the novels in this series and have been impressed by each one.  Jennifer Monroe has created an enchanting group of romances about the sacred bond of friends and the lady who gave the extra push for their happily ever after.  This book was the crowning achievement in an unforgettable series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 26, 2023

The Duke Gets Even by Joanna Shupe


The Duke Gets Even is the fourth book in The Fifth Avenue Rebels series by Joanna Shupe.  I am an avid fan of Joanna Shupe and love her writing style, unforgettable characters, and heart-pounding passion.  That being said, this was not my favorite book of hers.  I always have an instant connection with her characters.  I love their faults and idiosyncrasies that she writes so effortlessly.

I tried adamantly to connect with Nellie personally, but I could not.  She sabotaged herself so many times.  She was downright mean to Lockwood at times.  I felt it confusing that she embraced woman’s rights – for them to embrace what makes them happy, yet ruthlessly shuts down her feelings for Lockwood due to thoughts of scandal  – something she has actively promoted for years.  Nellie explained her reason for ruining her reputation so she wouldn’t be forced to marry.  Yet she had a father who’d never forced her to marry anyone.  Unfortunately, Nellie was a conundrum I couldn’t reconcile.

On the other hand, I genuinely liked Lockwood.  Poor Lockwood has been the dumped fiancé and second choice too many times.  I was happy he found his match in Nellie, yet I found him more forgiving than I would have been.  Lockwood is burdened with responsibilities and a feeling of urgency to secure his line.  My heart melted for the scenes where he is brutally open and honest with  Nellie when she wouldn’t do the same.

The writing was, as usual, superb, yet the plot circled the couple’s differences a bit too much.  The couple had off-the-charts chemistry and the passionate scenes were incredible.  Usually, I find the amount of angst in these books exhilarating, yet there were times I wanted less drama and more romance.  Although not my favorite book, I’d still recommend this book due to Lockwood finding his well-deserved happily ever after.  I am still an enthusiastic fan of the author and her books. Personally this was not my favorite.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: January 24, 2023