The Angel Of An Astronomer by Linda Rae Sande


Linda has the uncanny ability to create an epic love story that is still organic and flows seamlessly.  Her world-building and character development are mind-blowing!  Each of her carefully crafted dual love stories embody passion and connection.

This story centers on a pair of twins, George, Viscount Hexham, and Lady Angelica.  Both siblings fall fast and hard in love with their prospective love matches.  Lady Anne is a friend of Angelica, and she and George fall in love at their first meeting.  Sir Benjamin is an astronomer that just moved into the house by Angelica.  The two meet under the stars and fall hopelessly in love.

The four main characters were brilliant.  I enjoyed the male leads because neither was a rake.  They were responsible, educated, kind, and respectful gentlemen.  This was a refreshing change for all the rogues I usually read.  Although similar in temperament, there is quite the difference in the two gentlemen’s station and age.  Anne is very young and idealistic. George is her perfect match.  Their connection is immediate and oh so sweet!  I enjoyed reading about their romantic journey.  Angelica is slightly older, and both she and Benjamin are a little jaded and shy.  I related to this couple more.  It is fascinating to watch their relationship evolve.

Reading about how each couple finds each other was a delight.  The development of both plot and characters combined with the rich worlds the author has created makes for an epic, entertaining read!  I always know I am in for a special treat when I open a book in one of the Aristocracy series.  A devilishly good page-turner!

The Angel Of An Astronomer is the first book in the Heirs of the Aristocracy series.  Linda has created a complete, complex world of intertwining stories and characters.  She has written nine different Aristocracy series.  I have read them out of order, and I haven’t gotten to go back to the beginning, but I desperately want to!  I would start with The Kiss Of A Viscount, book one of the Daughters Of The Aristocracy series.  I love these books so much I have recommended them to my mother.  These are beautiful stories that make me smile!  

Pretending To Be A Debutante by Annabelle Anders Cover Reveal!

Hello fellow historical romance lovers! This week I have the great privilege of helping to reveal four new covers for Annabele Anders series:

Miss Primm’s Secret School For Budding Bluestockings

Below is the cover reveal of book three!


Preorder Now! This book releases Feb. 1, 2022!
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Lady Priscilla, declared ruined the year of her come-out, loves teaching home economics and history at Miss Primm’s Private Seminary for the Education of Ladies. She adores most of her students and will do almost anything for them. In fact, under the direst of circumstances, she’s even willing to pretend to impersonate one of them…
Everything goes swimmingly until she finds herself falling in love with Emerson Huntington, the Baron of Middlebrook–aka—her student’s betrothed…
This beautiful cover is by Barbara at Forever After Romance Designs

I absolutely LOVE this beautiful cover! All these new covers are breathtaking. This is such an exciting reveal week! Stay Tuned! The next cover will be revealed on June 17th! Book four!

Never Mix Sin With Pleasure by Renee Ann Miller


This novel was an exciting, romantic, adventurous escapade!  The writing was beautifully executed.  The plot was multifaceted and innovative.  I was delighted as I read the turbulent love story of Anthony and Olivia unfold.

This ultimately was a story about forbidden love, revenge, and self-discovery.  Anthony and Olivia are from two different worlds, he was born into privilege, and she was an orphan.  Through a twist of fate, they meet, and they start working together.  Both hold self-destructive secrets.  One is covering up what is perceived as mental weakness, and one is hiding a dark secret that could prove disastrous.  I believe dyslexia is portrayed well in this novel—the plot deals with preconceived prejudices attached to learning challenges in this era where differences were not tolerated.  Anthony was so much more than a rake.  With Olivia’s help, he discovers talents he did not know he possessed.  I enjoyed Anthony’s journey into the man he could be rather than what society portrays.  Olivia was a complex, haunted character.  Driven by the past, it nearly destroys her chance at a happy future.  I admired her determination and grit. The couple’s romance is built throughout the entirety of the story.  Their attraction started slowly but evolved into a fiery passion.

The plot was well-paced and exhilarating.  Several different plot points merged perfectly at the end.  My one critique had to do with the ending.  The conclusion was a little rushed.  I wished the ending was better developed, giving a clearer insight into the resolution and future of the couple.  Also, a secondary character’s reaction to the couple’s future is not addressed.  It left me curious.  However brief, it was a very satisfying happily ever after.

This author has created a delightful, intriguing romance.  It was bursting with content yet held its own.  I enjoyed the many layers and emotions the book conveyed.  The couple’s love story was endearing and electric.  I enjoyed this romantic adventure.  A can’t miss read!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Never Mix Sin With Pleasure is the fifth book in the Infamous Lords series by Renee Ann Miller.  This author created an intricate, delicate, and fresh story.  I loved the action and adventure intertwined with the love and passion.  Although abrupt, I was very satisfied with the ending.  The epilogue could have been extended.  All in all, it was an entertaining story!

Educated By The Earl by Annabelle Anders Cover Reveal!

Miss Primm’s Secret School For Budding Bluestockings

(Some readers have already had a sneak peek at this one but it’s too beautiful not to feature again!)
Preorder Now! (Releases Nov. 16, 2021)
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Miss Victoria Shipley has long since abandoned hope for a happily-ever-after. She is straight-laced, proper and takes her position as assistant headmistress quite seriously.
The Earl of Rosewood, however, has different ideas for Miss Shipley. He’s decided to provide her with an educations she most certainly cannot obtain while teaching at Miss Primm’s.
(Cover by Barbara at Forever After Romance Designs)

The Princess Stakes by Amalie Howard


I immensely enjoyed this unique, thought-provoking, refreshing story.  The novel had discerning differences from the regular Regency novel.  The book goes from India to a boat to London.  I fell in love with the all-encompassing spirit of the story.  This book is a love story between two characters who have to go through tragedy and adversity to shape them into brave, confident individuals.

At heart, this was a second-chance, star-crossed lovers story.  I loved the characters; they were multifaceted and fascinating.  Sarani was a wonderful, spunky character.  I loved most her transformational outlook on life.  She is caught between two worlds, truly belonging in neither.  She fights hatred, prejudice, and ignorance.  Although she is often forced to acquiesce to societal dictates, by the end of the book, she finds her voice and power.  Rhystan was disillusioned and destroyed by how Sarani handled their doomed love affair in India.  He is a stubborn, free spirit thrust into the role of Duke, which he detests.  His sense of duty clashes with what is truly in his heart—both Rhystan and Sarani place family and honor over their wants and needs.  The couple sees their relationship as untenable due to Sarani’s heritage.  Together the couple finds the inner strength to face the injustices and prejudices of the aristocracy.  Eventually, Sarani embraces all of herself, and Rhystan discovers that gossip and malevolence are quieted by those who actively choose to ignore ignorance and embrace differences.

The plot was intricate and delivered a well-thought-out love story.  The story flowed well; there was a pronounced split in the middle of the book from the journey to the destination.  I felt the conclusion was rushed.  I would have better enjoyed a more extended section of resolution.  Overall I was captivated by this story.  It was thought-provoking, romantic, and passionate.  The love-hate relationship between the couple was electric.  I loved the epilogue.  This novel was a well-rounded, exciting read.  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book via Netgalley and the Publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

This is, as far as I know, a stand-alone novel.  I have not found any information regarding a sequel as of yet.  This book had a first draft and a different title that was controversial.  The author produced a second draft, and that is where I came in.  It was a little confusing, not knowing what had changed in the novel.  I based my review on what I read.  I enjoyed the book.  I do dislike when book-long issues are resolved on one page in the last chapter.  It unbalances the story.  It occurs in this book.  However, the excellence of the writing made up for this issue.  Sarani was a woman of color thrust into the cruel, narrowed-mined world of Victorian British Aristocracy.  I felt her struggles and victories were handled respectfully.  I recommend this book; it is a thought-provoking yet fun read.

The Devil and The Heiress by Harper St. George


I adored Christian and Violet’s story!  This was a fast-paced, passionate, and extravagant wild ride of a novel!  The dynamic connection between the couple was off the charts sizzling.  The journey complete with lust and deception resonates with the reader.

Christian Halston, the Earl of Leigh, is an impoverished nobleman searching for a wealthy heiress to fill his coffers with her dowry.  At first sight, Violet catches his eye and he becomes obsessed with her.  Yet his suit for her is dismissed by a greedy father.  Christian seeks more nefarious means to pursue.  He wants Violet.  Violet’s passion is writing.  She is getting inundated with pressure to wed the suitor her father has picked to be her husband.  All Violet wants is the ability to write and be free from a dominating male.  Violet falls under Christian’s spell, but is he the man he claims to be?  The physical connection between the couple had an ebb and flow.  Their relationship is complicated and multi-faceted.  The romantic element wasn’t formulaic or standard.  It had a flare and was unpredictable.  Their relationship kept the reader guessing as to where it would lead next.  The couple’s emotions were messy and confusing; this made their confrontations resonate as organic and believable.  The couple’s issues were not easily reconciled, and it took the majority of the book to work through them.  Christian and Violet had to learn to trust each other even when there was no reason to trust.  The leap of faith the couple takes was breathtaking. Their happily ever after was hard-fought yet beautiful in its resolution.

The plot had so much happening; I felt I was on a rollercoaster in the best possible way.  The fast pace grabbed me and was relentless.  The action was mixed with the emotional to create a well-rounded story.  I cared deeply about these characters; they were vibrant.  The storyline was fresh and imaginative.  The secondary characters were well-rounded and contributed to the story.

I had a high expectation for this novel, as I didn’t think anything could overshadow the first book, which I gave five stars.  I was wrong.  I enjoyed this novel more than the brilliant first one.  The sisters in these two books have a brother, and I can only hope he gets his book, as I do not want this saga to end!  Christian and Violet’s love story outshines the usual stories of this time period.  The story was a unique, fascinating, romantic read.  I advise reading the first book in the series before this one to get a more well-rounded experience, yet it is not necessary as the book stands well on its own.  This adventure is a romantically turbulent ride to all-consuming love.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book via Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fellow readers, this was an excellent read!  The Devil And The Heiress is book two of the Gilded Age Heiresses.  The first book is titled The Heiress Gets A Duke.  I reviewed that book earlier in the year.  Both novels are breathtaking.  I loved the background of London in the 1870s.  I also enjoyed that a large section of the book focuses on a road away from London.  I adore a story with American Heiresses; they are always fiercely independent and progressive.  It was interesting that the male lead was the protagonist and one of the antagonists.  I am delighted that I stumbled onto these books and author through a suggestion from a member of one of the Facebook groups I belong.  I do not regret one moment it took to devour this novel!  Read these fantastic books; you won’t be disappointed!

Cover Reveals And Series Feature!

Hello fellow readers! This is just a short teaser to let you know I will be doing four cover reveals and one series feature this month! Very, very exciting!!

First, I will tell you a little more about the cover reveals! The reveals are for Annabelle Ander’s Miss Primm’s Secret School For Budding Bluestockings series. There will be four cover reveals, for books two through five. Here are the dates:

  • Book two – Sunday, June 13th
  • Book Three – Tuesday, June 15th
  • Book Four – Thursday, June 17th
  • Book Five – Friday, June 18th

Next, for the series feature! On June 21st, I will be featuring The Heirs Of The Aristocracy series by Linda Rae Sande!

I am delighted to share these very exciting events with you! Make sure you don’t miss them!

The Matchmaker And The Marquess by Scarlett Scott


I loved this witty, sexy, turbulent story!  At times, Dorset and Clementine made me smile and laugh, and at other times I almost swooned!  I enjoyed the witty plot and outrageous characters.  It was an excellent introduction to a unique series.

Dorset, a rake who thinks he’ll never love again, finds himself at a matchmaking house party.  Clementine is a matchmaker, thinking she will never find love.  Through a hilarious incident, these unlikely pair find themselves in an arrangement neither desires.  Both have preconceived notions of the other.  These prejudices are tested through humor and passion.  The situations this couple finds themselves in are laugh-out-loud.  At first, Dorset is a rogue with a broken heart.  Clementine is heartbroken and, at times, annoying to Dorset.  

These characters are larger than life.  Their connection, at first rejected, becomes a fiery flame of passion.  The plot, even though brief, was sharp and sassy.  This short story flew by; I read it in one sitting.  I hated to see it end!  I have no critiques; this was a lovely romance!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Matchmaker And The Marquess is book one in the Second Chance Manor series.  This series is different as three separate authors are involved.  Merry Farmer and Caroline Lee also contribute to this series.  This series focuses on a group of friends who find themselves at a matchmaking house party hosted by their former headmistress at their finishing school.  Each young lady finds an unlikely suitor.  Scarlett writes a funny, heartfelt story.  I hate that these are short stories; I didn’t want this one to end!  I enjoyed this book so much that I can’t wait for the second!  The next book in the series is The Angel And The Aristocrat by Merry Farmer.   It debuts July first.  These books are a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Hello, Rogue by Various Authors


This was a fantastic anthology!  It took the theme of rakes and surprise babies to all different kinds of places!  Although each story had these themes, they were all unique and heart-warming.  The plots were captivating, the characters were lovable, and the endings were joyful.


When A Rogue Falls by Sasha Cottman

Stephen and Bridget’s story was captivating.  I immensely enjoy the Rouges Of The Road series, each book delivering a powerful love story.  This novella is part of this series.  The rouges are friends involved in nefarious jobs who, one by one, fall for strong, alluring ladies.  Stephen has no clue what love is or how to receive and reciprocate it.  He goes from having no one to care for to a multitude of dependents all needing his attention.  I like how Stephen develops throughout the novel.  He slowly learns that he is deserving of love, and then, eventually, he is capable of showing love.  I loved his back-handed business deals.  He was a criminal, but a lovable one!  Bridget falls for Stephen almost instantly.  However, she is firm in her requirements for Stephen.  She is unbendable when it comes to what she wants out of a relationship; her tough love and quiet strength endeared me.  The plot was so much fun!  I enjoyed it immensely.  The story flew by; it kept my interest.  I couldn’t stop turning the pages.  This is another great love story to add to the series!  An absolute joy to read!


Escaping The Earl by Lauren Smith

Sabrina Talleyrand seeks ruination to avoid an arranged marriage to a horrible man.  Peregrine Ashby, Earl of Rutland, is just the man for the job.  The couple meets at a masquerade, and Sabrina is compromised.  The couple doesn’t know the identity of each other.  Through chance and fate, they keep encountering each other.  When consequences occur, it is up to Peregrine to heal Sabrina’s heart.  Sabrina has a rocky road. However, providence places people and situations in her journey that saves her life.  She is spunky and fearless.  I love that about Sabrina.  Peregrine is beginning to learn his role in society and is unsure of himself, and doesn’t trust his heart.  The couple had a good connection and the characters, including secondary ones, were well written. This was a wild ride to unconditional love and a happily ever after!


This Rogue Of Mine by Amanda Mariel

After an unplanned tryst in the library, Cordelia Daventry finds herself in a delicate condition.  She wants nothing to do with the father, Nathaniel Lowell, Viscount Wolverton.  Nathaniel is a rake, and Cordelia will not trust her heart or her future with him.  I was not too fond of Cordelia at times, she was very self-centered, but it came from her wanting to protect her heart.  Nathaniel knows his past is colorful, but he truly wants to do the right thing.  I feel for his character, especially his shock and anger toward Cordelia’s plans.  Although tenuous at best, they forge ahead with their future.  I love the basis of the plot; it was fresh and romantic.  The characters had strong personalities, and I genuinely cared for them.  A gem of a story!


Loving My Wicked Rogue by Dawn Brower

Mathew, Duke of Lindsey, compromises Lady Francesca at a house party and disappears.  Mathew is the worse kind of Rake, taking what he wants with no care to the repercussions or the feelings of his conquests.  This is ultimately a story of redemption for Mathew.  He finds love and belonging with Francesca.  After discovering the consequences of her affair with Mathew, she is determined to do the right thing.  To be so young, she is resourceful and responsible.  At first, I was furious with Mathew. However, his character matures into a man worthy of Francesca’s love.  This book was a delight to read; it was fresh and romantic.  It was a little different because the rake is disliked at the start.  Mathew’s redemption is heartwarming.  This was a romantic, fun read.


The Trouble With Rogues by Nadine Millard

Caleb Feldman, the Marquess of Guilford, is tired of his hedonistic ways.  When Ophelia Delacourt falls into his orbit, he is ready to change his practices for this nameless angel.  Unfortunately, fate has other plans, and Ophelia finds herself in a condition she swore to herself would never happen.  Caleb’s transformation from a heartless, soulless rake to a respectable, enamored gentleman is inspiring.  I instantly fell in love with Caleb’s world-weary character.  Ophelia’s sadness to her undeserving lot in life was heart-wrenching.  She never expected any happiness for herself.  Together these two break down their preconceptions and fall helplessly in love.  It was such a tender, sweet love story!  A very romantic, passionate, enjoyable read.


My Lord, My Rogue by Anna St. Claire

Honora Radcliff escapes an abusive marriage in a drastic decision.  Lord Benjamin Crewe discovers Honora and her secret.   Benjamin and Honora have always been fascinated with each other.   With dangerous circumstances all around them,  they begin to develop the makings of passionate love.  Honora and Benjamin were such lovable characters.   Their burgeoning love was sweet and heart-warming.  The plot was imaginative and romantic.  The story raced.  This was a second chance love story.  Benjamin is a hopeless, delightful romantic, realizing he has this opportunity with Honora.  Honora is shy and cautious, not trusting her instincts due to her past choices.   When the couple learns to trust their heart, beautiful, resilient love is created.  This was a lovely, sweet, fun afternoon read.

All of these stories were a joy to read, and each deserves five stars.  I loved each different angle the authors took, varying on the constant themes that flowed throughout.  Each story had a little bit of heartache, but each led to a gorgeous happily ever after.  The books were written with love and finesse.  They were all short, satisfying journeys that could easily be read in an afternoon.  Each author in this anthology outdid themselves.  I cannot convey how much I adored these sexy, savvy, passionate stories.  I would recommend these books!  These are great when looking for a break from all the three hundred-page novels we read!  This collection of short stories are bound to make you smile!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book via one of its authors.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I reviewed this ARC for Anna St. Claire. However, I also included Sasha Cottman because I review ARCs for her as well.  Among the other four authors, I have read a short story by Amanda Mariel.   I have not read Dawn Brower or Nadine Millard.   Each of these brilliant stories brings desire,  longing, and the need for happiness.  Many of these characters (usually the rakes) are damaged and jaded in some way.  The ladies give them that chance of hope and redemption.  I love the surprise baby theme!  It is one of my favorites (you know by now my all-time favorite theme is gaming den owners).  Each one of the novellas deserves and earned the five stars I gave them.  I encourage you to read these; who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite author!

The Rogue And The Jewel by Sasha Cottman


I have stated before how much I enjoy this series.  A defining point is how each novel is different.  Each plot is unique and fascinating.  The Rogue And The Jewel takes you on a wild journey around smugglers in France.  This book was as enchanting as the previous installments.  I was mesmerized from page one!

Augustus “Gus” Jones is the smuggler in the lovable, nefarious group of rogues.  Evangeline and her uncle are his partners in France.  Gus and Evangeline have been friends for years, however dire circumstances and forced proximity cause their friendship to evolve into something more passionate and precious.  For a short book, both Gus and Evangeline are well developed.  Gus has recently had an experience that forces him to confront his mortality.  I loved Gus’s personality; he is resourceful and cautious yet still lives on the edge of danger.  His respectful treatment of Evangeline is sweet.  Evangeline is not a tamed debutante.  She is an intelligent, crafty, passionate woman with quite a temper.  She is impulsive, which lands her in constant and considerable trouble.  Gus is tender and protective of Evangeline.  Evangeline is intelligent and savvy.  The couple’s connection is instant and powerful.  The passion and romance develop naturally.  This couple might be my favorite in the entire series.

The plot was riveting, and I was entranced.  I read this novel quickly, yet I did not want it to end.  The story spanned many locations and a spectrum of emotions that delivered an energetic, romantic, adventurous read.  Although a love story at its heart, there was plenty of action and adventure.  I enjoy the concept of all the stories in the series.  This installment raised the bar; it was excellent!  I was deeply impressed and delightfully entertained by this book!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Rogue And The Jewel is the fourth book in The Rogues Of The Road series.  The order of the series is Rogue For Hire, Stolen By The Rogue, When A Rogue Falls, The Rogue And The Jewel, and King Of Rogues.  I took the time to state the order because a couple of the installments are in collections, and the order can be a little confusing.  The rouges are a group of five friends with illegal business dealings who fall, one by one, for a strong, independent woman who completes them and changes their wayward pursuits…well, most of their wayward pursuits!  The shady business dealing is part of the rogue’s charms.  I read the first novella, Rogue For Hire, in a Christmas collection last December.  I instantly fell in love with Harry and Alice.  Each couple has individual appeal, each as different as night and day.  I enjoy the various storylines and locations of each book.  This keeps my interest.  The novels have captivated me. A fantastic series of scoundrels with hearts of gold!