A Rogue’s Autumn Bride by Lana Williams


A Rogue’s Autumn Bride is a lovely romance about two lonely, lost souls who find purpose and love.  A beautiful tale of two people haunted by their pasts, this book was entertaining and breathtaking.

Captain Harry Clarke has come home from the war, having lost a leg.  Drifting, Harry finds purpose in working for a charity that helps wounded soldiers coming home from war.  Harry is a courageous, kind man who doesn’t see his courage and resilience.  Sarah Ramsey traveled to London for work.  Naïve and headstrong, Sarah finds herself in a terrifying situation that leaves her reputation in tatters.  Even though her past isn’t her fault, Sarah feels damaged and not worthy of love.  Thrown together to organize a charity ball, Harry and Sarah find kindred spirits and hope for redemption and passion.

Harry is a loner.  His injury has defined his life since he returned home.  His work with the charity and the connection he feels toward Sarah changes everything.  Sarah counts herself fortunate to have a comfortable life with a kind employer, yet she craves more.  I loved how the couple complemented each other.  Harry and Sarah’s connection is instantaneous and develops steadily throughout the novel.  The trepidation and insecurity of both Harry and Sarah resonated with me.  The couple’s journey was stunning in its emotional depth.

The plot addresses the issues soldiers encounter when they return from war.  Harry’s struggle with his injury and reintegration into society was realistic and raw.  Sarah has guilt from a situation that wasn’t her fault.  Sarah allows this traumatic experience to define her; it takes Harry’s patience and loves to enable Sarah to see her worth.  This also goes for Harry.  Sarah’s support allows Harry to be a strong, capable man.  

The story raced, and the content and dialogue peaked and kept my interest.  Both main characters were visceral and relatable.  The secondary characters added depth to the plot.  A Rogue’s Autumn Bride is the eighth book in The Rogue Chronicles series.  This novel is a vivid, fantastic addition to this thrilling, heart-warming series.  This story moved me on a visceral level.  I loved the romantic, emotional journey Harry and Sarah took.  The couple was deserving of love and respect.  This was an enchanting read I would recommend.  I love the entire series. However, this book is my favorite.  Lana Williams has created a mesmerizing romance with purpose and heart.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: November 30, 2021

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