A Season For Spies by Golden Angel


Wow!  What a spectacular way to end a fantastic series!  I have been eagerly awaiting Anthony and Evie’s story.  This book cleverly wraps up the ongoing intrigue while simultaneously creating off-the-charts, fiery, intense passion.

There has been a spy conspiracy throughout this entire series.  Evie is the niece of England’s spymaster.  Evie has an unconventional background and is more comfortable as a spy than a debutante.  Captain Anthony Browne works for Evie’s uncle.  Anthony and Evie have a steamy past that can be found in the novella Spy Season.  The couple is thrown together to find the traitor, and the sparks don’t fly; they incinerate!

Evie is fierce!  She is one of her uncle’s best spies but is cosseted and ignored.  I love how this doesn’t deter Evie. She goes her way and gets more accomplished than the men in her uncle’s employ.  I love how Anthony “sees” Evie when no one else does.  He allows Evie to be herself, he assists rather than dictates, excepts when it comes to misbehavior, and he has all kinds of solutions for that!  The connection and sensuality of the couple are staggering.

I have read all three of Golden Angel’s Discipline series and loved them.  The Deception and Discipline have been an exemplary series, and I think Anthony and Evie are my favorite couple.   I loved the intrigue and action of the plot.  I hate to see the ending of this tremendous series, but the finish was perfect!  I am excited that some “loose ends” will be addressed in upcoming short stories, although I hope we get more beautiful characters and stories in the form of a new Discipline series.  Golden Angel has created a world of sensually aware, passionate couples who delve into danger and intrigue that results in exciting, heart-pounding stories.  This book was a joy to read; I can’t wait for whatever is next!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: September 20, 2022

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