Sutton’s Scandal by Scarlett Scott


I eagerly await each Sinful Sutton book, knowing it will be a new favorite.  Scarlett Scott has outdone herself with Tarquin and Lily’s romantic journey.  Lily is the youngest sister in the Sutton clan.  Protected fiercely by her brothers, Lily is still wild, fearless, and has a heart of gold.  Tarquin Bellingham, the owner of the most famous shop in London, is also the illegitimate son of a Duke.  Tarquin is desperate for acceptance by his father and society.  Tarquin has closed off emotionally to marrying the lady of his father’s choosing.  That is until sparks fly between Tarquin and Lily.  The couple collides in a battle of wills and hearts.

When I read a Scarlett Scott book, I know I will get unbridled passion and breathtaking romance.  What I love most, though, is all the little nuances in her writing.  There is always subtle humor laced throughout, which balances the romance perfectly.  Also, I love how animals, children, or both feature in many of her books.  These adorable side characters give an added warmth to the story.  These are some of the most well-balanced steamy reads I have encountered.  Each aspect of this book is blended perfectly to create breathtaking romance.

Tarquin and Lily stole my heart!  Their interactions breathe warmth and passion into the storyline.  The plot moved quickly, and I couldn’t put the book down.  Sutton’s Scandal is the sixth book in The Sinful Suttons series.  Logan!  I am biting my nails for your book!  These roughshod gaming hell-owning siblings have been a delight to read.  I have read many of Scarlett Scott’s excellent books, which keep improving.  Tarquin and Lily will sear the page and keep you reading late into the night. I suggest reading all of the Sinful Suttons (or even starting with its predecessor, the Wicked Winters).  I believe if you do, like me, you’ll become an avid fan of Scarlett Scott and her beautiful books!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Release Date: September 29, 2022

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