Olivia And The Masked Duke by Grace Callaway Book Review


An exciting rollercoaster of a love story!

This book delivers on a variety of levels. A slow burn, friends to lovers story. The plot is intricate, intimate, and all consuming. The couple’s passion burns through the pages.

Ben and Livy’s bond was forged when Ben saved Livy as a child. It was a powerful bond of the strongest of friendships. Then Livy grows up and finds herself in love with the man she has known as her best friend for most of her life.

Ben is a widower that is jaded and damaged from a past full of mistakes. He fought a plethora of demons including violence and substance abuse. He pulls himself out of this, yet still feels his soul is too tarnished for the likes of Livy. He has to have control over all aspects of his life including his romantic relationships. I enjoyed his journey where at first he lets his past define him to his epiphany that he can be a good man. A man that can love and is worthy of love.

Livy is strong willed and fierce. She will not allow societal restraints determine what she does. She is in a constant battle between love and independence. All the while she stays true to herself. I loved her total allegiance and all encompassing love for Ben.

All the secondary characters were strong and well written. Especially Charlie. Charlie knows who she is and what she wants. She is a mentor and confidante. I liked Charlie for her sense of justice and loyalty to her fellow women.

The platonic friendship between the two main characters was haunting and beautiful at the same time. The friendship defined both their lives. Watching the platonic love blossom into romantic love was breathtaking. Both characters had such an emotional journey. Ben’s hatred of himself was palpable. But coupled with that is Livy’s desire for his salvation.

The plot was stunning. It floated through a long period of time. There was backstory through flashbacks, it wasn’t redundant and filled in the gaps. It showcased the beauty of the love from the couple both platonic and romantic. A slow burn, it moved at a good pace with plenty of story to fill in when the two main characters were not together. The secondary characters were vivid and three dimensional.

I loved everything about this book! It was haunting, even tragic at times. At other times it was an extremely passionate love affair. It is a very strong start to a new series. If you enjoy slow burn, intricate, and passionate reads about redemption with a great happily ever after, this book is for you!

I received a gifted copy of this ARC, this is my voluntary, honest review.

This is the first book in Lady Charlotte’s Society Of Angels series. It is interconnected with the other series by this author. Although not necessary for enjoyment, I would advise reading them in order as characters overlap in the books. Ms. Callaway is a favorite author of mine. Her books always deliver a captivating, exciting journey. Always just enough intrigue, angst, and a lot of passion to make an exciting read!

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