Letters To A Lover by Mary Lancaster


I enjoyed this book; it was more a mystery than romance.  There was a romantic storyline. However, it was secondary to the puzzle.  The two subjects intertwined well; I would have preferred a little more emphasis on the romance.  There were significant issues that were touched on during the story.  Challenges such as marital estrangement and mental health issues were included and handled respectfully and contributed to the richness of the story.

Eric and Azalea’s relationship was complex.  There were many complicated emotions and reactions.  The couple had numerous challenges, yet their love was strong enough to persevere.  I felt the loving connection between the couple.  The more physical aspects of the relationship were handled off-page.  Even with that, I felt the physical connection between the couple.  The passion and romance were there; it was secondary throughout most of the book.

The mystery of the book was complex and multifaceted.  There were a lot of different plot lines happening simultaneously.  The mystery was entertaining, and I was engaged the entire time.  The one issue I had with the mystery plot was that I felt there were too many suspects.  I had trouble keeping all the characters straight in my mind.  At times it was a little confusing.  This was the only problem I discerned with this book.  The plot moved very quickly.  I was never bored or complacent.  There was angst, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  The ending and epilogue were quite satisfying.

The bottom line is I would recommend this book to mystery lovers.  The romance was subdued yet satisfying.  It was a fast, entertaining read.  The characters were lush and vivid.  I enjoyed how the characters were intertwined with the mystery.  The book was an enjoyable read that I finished in one day.  

I received this ARC from Netgalley and Dragonblade.  This is my honest, voluntary review.  

This was a refreshing change from straight historical romances.  The book challenged me.  This is the second book of the Crime  And Passion series.  The main couple from the first novel played a prevalent part in this story.  It was nice to see their development from the previous book.  I hope future installments include both of these couples.  I enjoyed the mystery, romance, and serious issues portrayed in this novel.  Don’t miss this series; it is really good!

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