The Highlander’s Irish Bride by Vanessa Kelly


Opposites attract in this Regency-era Scottish romance.  Kathleen Calvert excels at creating scandals in London.  She is distraught when one of these scandals sees her banished to Scotland.  Grant Kendrick is the most serious brother in the Kendrick family. Through a long journey filled with misadventure, this couple finds a middle-ground through love.

The first half of this book was slow, and the plot seemed out of focus.  I wasn’t optimistic about where the story would lead as there were so many different plot lines.  Many of these plot elements got lost in the whole scheme of the story.  The number of secondary characters was overwhelming; it was difficult to keep account.  There was no connection between the couple for the first half of the book.  The couple was merely acquaintances that suddenly fell in love.

The second half of the book improved significantly.  The storyline gained focus, and the spark between the couple became evident.  The grandfather, Angus, was a wonderful character that was very well written.  The scenery and backdrops were described in much detail.  I felt an undeniable sense of where the scenes took place.  Grant and Kathleen’s characters were well defined and had strong personalities.  The journey became exciting when the plot gained momentum towards the end.  

Overall, the book could use some polishing but had a good foundation.  The final action sequences and epilogue were powerful and vivid.  The feeling of the second half of the book was genuine, and I felt an affinity towards the characters by the completion of the novel.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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