Frontier Cinderella by Regina Scott


Frontier Cinderella is the third book in the Frontier Matches series by Regina Scott.  I adore these sweet, witty romances with enchanting characters and vivid backdrops.

Harry Yeager has lost out on courting several young ladies.  He is eager to marry but is never picked as the fiancée.  Harry must look hard at himself and discover what his heart really wants in a wife to win the right woman.

Katie Jo McAllister is more comfortable in trousers and chopping wood than wearing dresses and flirting.  When Katie Jo has an opportunity to dress up for a wedding, she is inundated with suitors, including Harry Yeager, the only man her heart wants.  But does Harry want Katie Jo or his idea of an ideal wife?

I found the characters lovable and relatable.  The banter was sharp and witty.  I enjoyed the underlying theme of being true to oneself.  We can only give our whole hearts when we are honest with ourselves.  Katie Jo’s metamorphosis from shy and unsure to independent and confident was stunning.  The story had levity at times and intrigue at others.  My attention never faltered.  I enjoyed this easy-to-read, joyful Western romance!

Publication Date: April 1, 2023

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